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Birthdayography #002: Twisting Balloon Animals
September 05, 2003

A few days ago I received a wonderful email from Marisol Araujo from Richmond, Texas. I'd like to share it with you:

"Last Saturday I made a tea party for my daughter with all your ideas. After calling one of the tea party ladies who brings all the stuff, and hearing how high the price was, I decided to do it my self. I went to the internet and the first web-site I browse was yours. I copy everything, even the invitations, and it was a great success! 10 little girls came and they had a blast, specially with the fashion show. The Moms were amazed of all I did, and I didn't spend a big fortune. I'm sure my daughter never forget this tea party. Thank you so much for helping me organized the best tea party ever. Sincerely, Mary"

If there's something that gives meaning to the many long hours I spend putting these ideas together, it's feedback like this. Thanks Mary!

(If you've got any "coolest" party stories of your own, I'd love to hear about them also… just reply to this email.)

On we go…


Kid Birthday Ideas That'll Blow You (and your candles) Away!

September 5, 2003
Issue #002


******** TABLE OF CONTENTS ********

1. Learn How to Make Balloon Animals
2. New 1st Birthday Party Themes
3. "Coolest Party Ideas" Contest Winner
4. Birthday Traditions on a Clothesline
5. Birthdayography Tip - Thank You Cards



1. Learn How to Make Balloon Animals (Instead of Paying Mr. Clown)

A while back I went with my daughter to her friend's birthday. There were little toddlers waddling around and big kids sprinting from one side to the other.

Probably one of the most difficult parties to throw is when you've got to cater to kids of all ages. And that's usually the case.

From all the activities that were planned, there was one that drew in all the kids - from young to old. It was awesome! The birthday boy's mom (yes MOM), put on some clown make up, and started twisting balloon animals. Just like the Pros. And all the kids, as if under some kind of hypnosis, congregated around her waiting eagerly to choose their animal.

I was impressed, to say the least. As were all the other parents.

The moment she finished, I had to ask where she learned to make balloons so proficiently. Had she gone to clown college, or what? She smiled sort of embarrassed, took me inside the house, and handed me a VHS video tape. No way! You learned the art of twisting balloons just from watching a video?!


She let me borrow the video. I quickly pocketed a few spare balloons. And the little child in me couldn't wait to get home, pop the video into the machine, and start twisting.

After a bit of practice, it turns out that balloon twisting is much easier than it looks. (Don't be fooled by their size - these balloons are tremendously difficult to inflate. You'll need a pump. A bicycle pump will do the trick. I couldn't contain my enthusiasm and got my own special balloon hand pump!)

I also scoured the Net for more info on twisting balloons and making balloon animals. And there's quite a bit out there. For your convenience, I've put together this cool balloon twisting page complete with easy step-by-step instructions (and diagrams) for making three of the most popular balloon animals/shapes. (Which are?)

I even found this cool online shop (Hobbytron) that carries the exact same balloon-twisting video I borrowed and has excellent deals on lots of other balloon twisting accessories.

Now I can't wait until our next birthday comes around when I have a chance to strut my stuff! My only worry, though, is that the next birthday is my Mother-in-Law's… but what the heck, I'm gonna give it a shot with her golden girl friends!




Find the best prices for every imaginable balloon-twisting item at Hobbytron's Balloon Animal Headquarters AND, to get an additional 5% OFF any two animal balloon items, use promotional code: BALLOONS.



2. New 1st Birthday Party Themes

1st Birthdays are ever so special. So it's only fitting that there'll be a special section dedicated just to 1st birthdays.

And now there is!

Hop on over to the 'Coolest 1st Birthdays' section and you'll find FOUR new 1st birthday themes (Noah's Ark, Rainbow, Teddy Bear, and a General theme that can be used in conjunction with any 1st birthday topic). All the themes are complete with invitations, decorations, games & activities, food ideas and everything else you'll need to throw the coolest 1st birthday party. Enjoy!


3. 'Coolest Party Ideas' Contest Winner

This month we received some incredible ideas so graciously submitted by some of the world's coolest partiers (i.e. you).

And this issue's winner of $25 at the coolest party supply store is...

Leslie Swaggerty from Elizabeth New Jersey who threw a remarkable SpongeBob party for her 5 year old niece, including an awesome "Who Stole Spongebob" activity. Here's the complete rundown….

Send in your coolest ideas and you too can win a bag-full of party supplies! (Submit through the Web, or just reply to this email with your coolest party ideas).




If you like this e-zine, please do a friend and me a big favor and "pay it forward."

If a friend DID forward this to you and if you like what you read, please subscribe by visiting the Birthdayography subscription page.



4. Birthday Traditions on a Clothesline

Instead of a birthday cake, many Russian children receive a birthday pie with a birthday greeting carved into the crust. In school, teachers often give a gift to the student having a birthday. Children usually will play a game that features a clothesline. What they do is hang prizes from the clothesline and each guest gets to cut down a prize to take home.

This could serve as an excellent idea for handing out favors. Hang a clothesline, then hang the goodie bags with colorful clothespins, set up a stool or chair, and let the kids cut off the bag of their choice. You can also blindfold them to add a bit more excitiment.

S dniom razhdjenia! (That's Happy Birthday in Russian...)


5. Birthdayography Tip - Thank You Cards

Kids enjoy writing thank you cards, especially when the cards have photos from their party included. Thank you cards are also important social skill builders.

Make a point to take pictures of all the guests during the party. If you're using a digital camera, printing the pictures is a cinch, and if you're using standard film, develop two sets and invest a little bit of family time into cutting, pasting and decorating your cool thank you cards. The kids and their parents always appreciate it (and sometimes they are so touched, you may get thank you cards, thanking you for your thank you card ;-) Remember to mail thank you cards no later than a month after the party.


All the best (and coolest),

Elad the Birthday Dad


P.S. The best part about putting together the 1st birthday themes was stumbling upon these ADORABLE baby costumes. My wife and I must have spent more than an hour deliberating upon which costume we'll get once we have another 1st birthday to celebrate ( a year and nine months, I hope ;-). And then I spent more time with my little daughter Maya while she chose the absolute coolest Halloween costume. Try to guess which one it is?



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