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Birthdayography #003: Halloween & Face Painting
October 01, 2003

Kid Birthday Ideas That'll Blow You (and your candles) Away!

October 1, 2003
Issue #003

******** TABLE OF CONTENTS ********

1. Coolest Halloween Theme Party Ideas!
2. Making Your Own Face Paints
3. "Coolest Party Ideas" Contest Winner
4. Greasy Birthday Traditions
5. Birthdayography Tip – Mirror Pictures


1. Halloween Theme Party

Do you have a birthday to celebrate sometime around Halloween? Maybe you want to throw a Halloween theme birthday party in May (what the heck!)? Or, do you just want to throw the coolest kid Halloween party ever?

Brace yourselves because the New Halloween Theme is spilling over with wacky, crazy, spooky and fun ideas that'll transform your party into a Fantasmic affair!

You'll find tips on creating your own special sound effects, “Bone-Breaker” activities, original decoration ideas, bizarre food ideas (Frankenstein's eyeballs, Gooey Guts, Cat Litter Goodies, Murky Graveyard Cake… get the idea?), And…

There are close to 30 (yes THIRTY!) of the coolest Halloween games and activities, such as Pass the Pumpkin, Spider web hunt, Mummy Wrap, Slime Race and on and on.

While researching this theme, I spent hours on end browsing through many, if not all, of the online Halloween shops. To save you the time, here is a quick review of the *COOLEST* Halloween shops on the Web:

THIS IS the spookiest place to get every imaginable and unimaginable Halloween decoration.

Here is – BY FAR – the Coolest Costume Attic in the whole wide world!

And, I've also put together this special page of the most unique Halloween decorations I stumbled across – almost all for under $20.

Have a SUPER Halloween!

(If you happen to throw one of the “COOLEST” parties ever with the help of ideas you found on this site, I'd love to hear about it… just reply to this email.)



Kim S., a stay-at-home Mom from Nevada , wrote:

“Just wanted to e-mail you and tell you that you have an awesome website for kid's party ideas! I, too, love planning my kids' parties. I start planning months ahead of time just because I enjoy it so much. Thanks so much and keep up the great work! I love your ideas!




2. Making Your Own Face Paints

Face painting is a BIG favorite amongst children ages 3 to 99!! And it's a perfect activity for Halloween.

Nowadays, face paints are quite cheap and available pretty much everywhere (especially during the Halloween season). But you can also make your own face paints. And in a world where clever minds have found a way to package almost every imaginable item, sometimes the real, genuine fun just can't be boxed up and put on a shelf.

Home-made paints won't be as good as the professional face paints. But the fun will be TWOFOLD!

Picture this:

First activity: Let the kids make their own face paints.
Follow-up activity: Have them paint each other with THEIR OWN paints.

Here's a great homemade recipe for face paints that'll wash off with warm water (the recipe contains food coloring so like any kind of paint, precautions should be taken in case of allergies and clothe staining):

Mix a slightly heaping teaspoon of cornstarch with half a teaspoon of Aqueous cream (you can also use diaper cream or other thick cold creams). Blend them well and stir in half a teaspoon of water until you reach a smooth texture. You now have the base.

(It's best to prepare a larger quantity of the base beforehand.)

When the kids arrive, have them make their own palette by gluing THREE bottle caps onto a piece of cardboard (with a hole for the thumb so they really feel like little Rembrandts). Also provide them with a Popsicle stick, toothpick, or other suitable item for mixing.

Then, let the kids put a bit of the base cream into each bottle cap. To each capful of cream, they should add one color – blue, yellow and red, by mixing food coloring (one drop at a time) and stirring well.

Now, they're all set. On the palette itself, they can mix their base colors to get more colors. For instance blue and red make purple, blue and yellow make green, red and yellow make orange, etc.

Pair up the kids, give each couple a small mirror and let them…


Before you let them loose, HERE are some important tips to help you make the face painting activity as fun (and safe) as can be…


3. 'Coolest Party Ideas' Contest Winner

Keep your wonderful ideas coming!

This issue's winner of $25 at the coolest party supply store is...

Chanette Tolentino from Vallejo, California! Chanette and her husband found an innovative way to throw an awesome Fairy birthday party for their daughter. Sound pretty easy? Oh, I forgot to mention that most of the guests were... BOYS! Now that's a challenge! Take a look to see how the Tolentino's pulled it off...

Send in your coolest ideas and you too can win a bag-full of party supplies! (Submit through the Web, or just reply to this email with your coolest party ideas).




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4. Birthday Traditions

In Atlantic Canada (Nova Scotia , Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland ) the birthday child is ambushed and their nose is greased for good luck. The greased nose makes the child too slippery for the bad luck to catch them (this tradition is reputed to be of Scottish decent).

I can't think of much to do with greasy noses, but how about a greasy hands game? Pair up the kids and have them “wash” their hands in cooking oil. Then, have each couple face each other, hold hands tightly, and lean back slowly. The couple that holds on longest wins.


5. Birthdayography Tip – Mirror Pictures

Here's one of my very favorite birthday photo shoots. Make sure you've got enough film for at least two pictures per guest.

All you need is a medium-sized mirror.

Place the mirror at a right angle to the child's face (right on their nose) so that it runs straight down the middle of their face. You'll now see one half of the child's face and its reflection in the mirror.

Now have them make the silliest face and take a picture.

Because no face is symmetrical, some of the children will look completely different when both sides of their face are identical. This is HYSTERICAL!

You can also try this after the kids have applied face paints.

The wacky pictures can be added to the thank you cards. You can also send me some of the pictures and I'll post the best ones on the site!

That's if for now. Have a spooky and safe Halloween and we'll be in touch soon with more of the *COOLEST* birthday ideas.

All the best (and coolest),

Elad the Birthday Dad


P.S. I got so carried away with face painting recipes, that I completely forget to show you this AWESOME selection of ready-made face paints for those of us who aren't into brewing their own potions. Enjoy.

And… Aside from the new Halloween theme party, you'll also notice that two more COOL themes have joined the very *COOLEST* list of party themes on the Web: Superheroes theme and Wizard theme.


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