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Birthdayography #008: Your Username & Password to the Coolest Printable Birthday Invitations
January 16, 2004

Your Username & Password to
the Coolest Printable Invitations

January 16, 2003
Issue #008


I can't contain my excitement, so I'll get right to the point.

We've just uncorked the champagne on an awesome new printable kid birthday invitations section and it's available FREE only to Birthdayography subscribers. That means you!

You'll need this:

Username: coolest
Password: parties

Safari Theme

You can click on the sample design in this email or go straight to the Main Page where you'll find lots of ORIGINAL designs created by a very special artist (I'll tell you about her in a moment…). There are pre-worded invitations, non-worded invitations for those of you wishing to add your own text, and even printable envelope designs. And they all match the many kid birthday party themes on our site.

We'll constantly be adding new designs and you will always have free and unlimited access.

And now a word about the Artist…

Actually, I owe you a bit more than a word about Tamar – my sister – not only the artist 'responsible' for the cool designs, but also my partner in building, and one of the most creative persons I know.

At the turn of the New Year, a time of reflection, I sat myself down to recap how Tamar and I – two internet “amateurs” – built this Web site and how it turned into a high-ranking, high-traffic, highly-profitable source of income – in under six months.

And also how I finally managed to leave my day job in 2003!!! Thanks largely to our site.

What I finally ended up with is a story about how the creation of this site has helped my sister and I realize and achieve our true (offline) dreams…

I'd like to share it with you.

You can read it here and also see more of Tamar's works of art, including some VERY cool kid room mural projects…

Here's to 2004 – May all the birthdays this year be the very COOLEST!

Elad the Birthday Dad

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