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Birthdayography #009: Quack, Quack
January 31, 2004

Quack, Quack

January 31, 2004
Issue #009 is co-created by two birthday party junkies.
For those of you who recently subscribed, let us introduce ourselves…

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I'd like to start off by saying Quack!

Oops… I've been working too long on the Rubber Ducky party theme…

I meant Thanks!

Thanks for sending us so many great emails following last issue's launching of the free printable invitation section. Your feedback literally feeds our creative energy. So much so that Tamar immediately went back to her sketch book and whipped up more new designs, this time for the 1st birthday party themes.

Take a look at the new printable designs… And remember that all printables are available FREE only to Birthdayography subscribers – meaning YOU.

You'll need: Username: coolest, Password: parties.

OK, now I can Quack out loud and proudly watch as the newest party theme waddles on over to the Coolest 1st Birthday's section: The Rubber Ducky 1st Birthday Party Theme.

Rubber Ducky Invitation

After hours of deep tub diving, searching for ways to throw the coolest rubber ducky party, restless nights of dreaming in shades of yellow and red, we've come up with some ducky ideas. You'll find fun ways to nourish your guests with duck feed and duck-shaped burgers, prepare your ammo for a duck hunt, great ducktivities to amuse the guests, create a 3D duck cake or easy duck cupcakes, and lots more.

I was also amazed to discover that that this sweet, squeezable, plastic yellow critter has one heck of a following. And I don't mean little ducklings following their mother duck.

There are people – grownups – who live, squeeze and breath rubber ducks. I'd probably be scolded for generalizing – not JUST rubber ducks, there are Long Neck rubber ducks, Tongue ducks, Nesting ducks, Racing ducks, Mini Smooth ducks, Casper ducks, Classic Sailor ducks, and… Why don't I just let the duck Pros take it from here? Check out Duckplanet's collection of rubber ducks – and I won't need to add another word.

So, next birthday party that comes round, take a Quack at the rubber ducky theme!

Elad the Birthday Dad

P.S. We love to get your feedback and we're always interested in hearing your “coolest” birthday stories, seeing your “coolest” party pictures, your suggestions and ways to help us make our site the coolest kid party site. Don't be shy, drop us a line. And... if you enjoy this newsletter, pass it on to a friend.

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