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Birthdayography #012: A "Virtual Cigar" for You Worth Up to $395!
April 09, 2004
A "Virtual Cigar" For You
That Can Be Worth Up To $395!

April 9, 2004
Issue #012
Subscribers: 5723



When I was born (so I'm told…), my father was so uncontrollably excited that he rode his scooter all night long from one side of town to the other, handing out cigars, and yelling to anyone and everyone that crossed his path that his baby son was just born!

Well… I don't have a scooter.

I do, though, have a computer.

And here I go riding wildly through cyberspace yelling out to anyone and everyone:


Noa was born April 5th, 2004 – just 40 minutes after the stroke of midnight and 04/04/04 . Of course, she is the most beautiful creature on earth (along with her elder sister, Maya)!

For the past 10 months (since coolest-kid-birthday-parties went live) I've been up to my ears in kid birthdays, searching for ways and ideas to help us, the parents, make the day of our child's birth the most special day in the world. It's mostly been about the kids.

Your Virtual Cigar...

But after watching my BRAVE wife give birth again, there is no doubt that a birthday is Mom's day of celebration as much as it is her child's.

And then Dad comes along and starts running around like a peacock handing out cigars to everyone as if he's just gone through contractions and labor himself…

I salute all of you Moms!

But I still want to hand out the cigars…

So, a moment before I turn off my computer for a few weeks and go out on Paternity leave (yep, I'm my own boss these days…) and TOGETHER with my wife savor every moment of this wonderful period in our lives – sleepless nights, dirty diapers, wet burps…

Here's A Virtual Cigar for You

First, I wish each and every one of you to wake up with a smile on your faces every single morning, follow your dreams, and do what your REALLY want to do. I say this now because less than a year ago I left my dreary day job, took control of my life and started realizing my own dreams (one of which was born this week…)

It's all detailed here…

I can't say enough about how the awesome products of ONE VERY special company (named SiteSell) have helped me open the door to achieving those dreams.

(They've even chosen to feature our (yes, our!) success story on their site – a story of how dreams come true – take a look…)

And now, as a special promotion to celebrate our recent birth (my re-birth, your upcoming birthdays, re-births, and any other birth-related occasion…) they're offering my readers – ONLY (No one else) a special “Virtual Cigar” that can be worth up to $395!

HERE'S YOUR VIRTUAL CIGAR (Click here to light up...)

During the next TEN days only, you'll be able to buy one SiteSell product and get another of equal or lesser value FREE. And, yes, that includes their flagship product SiteBuildIt! which is the driving force behind coolest-kid-birthday-parties. And behind my paternity leave…

NOTE: The “Virtual Cigar” promotion ends at midnight, April 18th.

Seldom do you run into something that has the potential to change your life. This is one of those rare moments. So take hold of this cigar and start puffing away at that sweet virtual smoke :-)

Elad the Birthday Dad

P.S. The SiteSell products are also a wonderful gift to give a friend, relative or co-worker, especially during this Easter/Passover season. I know I'd love to get one. And with the “Virtual Cigar” promotion, you can buy one for them and take another one for yourself – free. Here's a complete list of what you can choose from. Enjoy!

HOW TO CLAIM your free SiteSell product:

After you purchase a SiteSell product, send an email to Shawn ( And write:

“Virtual Cigar” Promotion

Your first name and last name

E-mail address

The order number of the product (obtained at time of purchase and also found in the download/welcome e-mail)

Date of purchase

Which product you want for free (remember, it must be of EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE)

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