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[Birthdayography], Kid Birthday Cake Photo Contest
May 18, 2004

Coolest Kid Birthday Cake Photo Contest
Submit a Photo & Win A Digital Camera!

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May 18, 2004
Issue #013
Subscribers: 7531

***************************************** is co-created by two kid birthday party junkies. For those of you who recently subscribed, let us introduce ourselves…

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If you've got a photo of a cool birthday cake, you can win an awesome digital camera and lots of other prizes.

Here's the Contest Entry Form.

One very important note: Your cakes DON'T need to be perfectly sculpted statuettes. Prizes are judged not only on “looks”, but on creativity, your write-up of the recipe and preparation/frosting directions, etc.

And here's a bit more about the contest:

A few weeks ago, Karen Mast sent me this awesome photo of an army vehicle cake she prepared for her son's Special Forces birthday.

Army Vehicle Cake

Safari Invitation Cake

Another visitor, Angie Tinnel, surprised me even more when she sent me this picture of her son's birthday cake with our Safari printable invitation design SCANNED onto the top of the cake. Talk about finding creative ways to use our free printable invitations!

Cake photos are so great for sparking ideas (and fun just to look at)!

We've all got birthday cake photos (even from way back) hidden somewhere in a photo album or on our computers. And because is all about sharing birthday ideas between us all (without ever having to buy a party planning book or pay any sort of fee – it's all free), I'd love to showcase your photos on our site for others to enjoy and learn from.

To give you just a bit more MOTIVATION to send over your coolest birthday cake photos, the grand prize is a digital camera (and there are lots more prizes including free party supplies and Picasa - explained below).

And what's really cool is that it doesn't matter where you live in the world, send your digital photo and you can win any of the prizes.

For all the contest details, click on over to the Contest Entry Form.

If you have a friend who might also want to share their cool cake pictures, please pass this e-zine on to them. If a friend DID forward this to you, please subscribe by visiting the Birthdayography subscription page.


New Sports Theme Party Ideas

Sports parties are ever so popular - especially during the summer months. And with the Olympics coming up, you can expect to see quite a few Olympics-themed parties.

So, check out the new Sports Theme with lots of great general sports party ideas, and mini theme pages for Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer and Olympics birthday ideas.

Enjoy them all and I can't wait to see your birthday cake photos!


Elad the Birthday Dad

P.S. The cake photo contest's third prize is Picasa - a digital photo software. I can't say enough about how Picasa has helped me sort out the mess of digital pictures I once had on my computer. It's an awesome program! Check out the FREE trial version if you've also got lots of digital photos on your computer. (Picasa also has a cool feature that lets you share pictures without having to attach them to emails…)

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