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[Birthdayography], Fashion, Barbie & Bratz Birthday Party Ideas
June 08, 2004

Fashion, Barbie & Bratz
Birthday Party Ideas

June 8, 2004
Issue #014
Subscribers: 8576

***************************************** is co-created by two kid birthday party junkies. For those of you who recently subscribed, let us introduce ourselves…

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Since the launch of the “Coolest Cake Photo Contest” in the last issue of Birthdayography, I've received some of the most creative and original cake photos and preparation tips. Once the contest is over (midnight, June 30th), they'll all be made available for EVERYONE to enjoy.

To give you just a bit more motivation to submit your cake photos (besides the already cool prizes which include a digital camera!)... If you send over your cake photos and write-ups within the next 48 HOURS – that means by midnight June 11th – you'll be entered into an additional RANDOM drawing for $50 worth of birthday party supplies. (If you've already submitted, you're automatically entered into this drawing.)

Here's the Contest Entry Form.

(By submitting your cake photos you'll be helping us create the coolest place on the Web to find cake photos and ideas. And when you'll need an original cake idea, you'll know exactly where to go. Just to give you a peek at what's planned with the cake photos, I've put together this Barbie cake photo page, with some of your most recent submissions.)



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A Passion For Fashion

After receiving quite a number of Barbie cake photos, it dawned upon me that there isn't a Barbie theme on the site. Now there is! Actually, it has mushroomed into a complete Fashion-Makeover theme party, including a complete Barbie section, Bratz section, and an entire page dedicated to fashion party games, such as Don't Break a Nail, Make-Up Mania, Dress-Up Relay, tips on running your own birthday fashion show, and lots more.

We've also added three new printable invitations for the Fashion-Makeover theme, and another SIX printable designs for the Celebrity- Star theme that'll be added very soon. Take a look… (The username to access the printables is: coolest, the password is: parties.)

I hope these ideas and new printables will inspire your (and your child's) "passion for fashion"…


Elad the Birthday Dad

P.S. What's the hottest kid birthday theme right now? Harry Potter? Shrek? Nope. You won't believe it, but the hottest birthday theme involves a much smaller (and cuter) creature. Stay tuned for the next issue of Birthdayography where we'll unveil the coolest PARTY IDEAS for one of this summer's hottest theme. If you can't wait to find out, take a sneak peek at that cuddly creature…

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