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[Birthdayography], Coolest Costume Contest
August 04, 2004

Coolest COSTUME Contest!

August 04, 2004
Issue #017
Subscribers: 11,115

***************************************** is co-created by two kid birthday party junkies. For those of you who recently subscribed, let us introduce ourselves…

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Before I fire the starting gun on the coolest COSTUME contest and share with you my own Mr. Pringles costume, I owe the winners of our last contest – the birthday CAKE contest – their two minutes of glory. Actually, it's more like an eternal glory as the winning cakes along with the 200+ (!!) submissions are now part of the Coolest Birthday Cakes section – the ultimate kid birthday cake resource – available online free for everyone to enjoy.

And the winners are… (Drum roll please)… just click on over to the Coolest Birthday Cakes section and you'll see them all.

(I'm still up to my knees trying to upload all the great cake photos and tips submitted, so if you can't find your cake, it'll be there in just a bit. Also, please continue to submit your cakes and tips. They'll be automatically entered into the next contest, making you eligible to win a great prize next time we run a cake contest.)

And now on to the Coolest Costume Contest…

The Grand Prize is $150 in Party Supplies (which pretty much means that your next party is on us!), 2nd place $75 in supplies, 3rd place $50 in supplies. But, truthfully, it's not about the prizes.

As with the Cakes section, all your costume ideas, photos and how-to tips will be made available online for FREE for everyone to enjoy. So, beside the prizes, you're submission will be part of a resource that'll be there for lots of people around the world - and yourself - next time you'll need some cool ideas for a costume.

To make it even more interesting and fun, you can submit ADULT and CHILD costumes. And don't worry about your costumes not being perfect, tailor-made designs. Finalists are judged not only on “looks”, but on creativity, your write-ups, photo composition, and whatever else may catch the judges' eye.

I can't wait to see your costume ideas, photos, and how-to tips!

For all the contest details, submission form (and to see me in my Mr. Pringles costume…), click on over to the costume submission page.

If you have a friend who might also want to share their cool costumes, please pass this e-zine on to them. If a friend DID forward this to you, please subscribe by visiting the Birthdayography subscription page.

All the very best,

Elad the Birthday Dad

P.S., The contest ends Nov. 13th , but to give you a bit more motivation to submit your costumes (besides the already cool prizes)... If you send over your costume photos and write-ups within the next 72 HOURS – that means by the stroke of midnight, August 7th – you'll be entered into an additional RANDOM drawing for any child costume at Birthday Express (worth up to $50 or the same amount in party supplies). Submit Today!

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