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[Birthdayography], YOUR Child's Party Ideas & Photos - Contest
April 20, 2005

Coolest Party Ideas & Photos Contest
Submit Yours & Win A Digital Camera!

Win a Digital Camera!
Kodak CX7300
3 Mega Pixel

April 20, 2005
Issue #023
Subscribers: 24,433

***************************************** and are co-created by two birthday party junkies. For those of you who recently subscribed, let us introduce ourselves.

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Have you ever thrown a cool party for your child?

Did you take photos?

(Of course!)

Submit your theme party ideas and photos to the "Coolest Theme Party Contest" and a Kodak Digital Camera or a $100 Party Supply Shopping Spree can be yours (lots more cool prizes).

Here's the Contest Entry Form. (Submission deadline: May 31, 2005).

And here's a bit more about the contest:

Lot's of the ideas on our site are contributed by readers like yourself. I LOVE receiving your ideas. Even more so, I LOVE seeing the photos from your party. They bring your ideas to life and add a personal flavor to this world of cyber anonymity.

We've all spent hours coming up with original ideas for our children's parties. Once the party is over, however, all that energy and all those ideas usually just dwindle away. And, of course, the many photos snapped at any one party somehow find their way into a forgotten folder on your computer's hard drive or hidden inside a photo album somewhere.

It's time to put an end to this wasted energy of ours!

Your ideas and your photos can be an inspiration to so many other people around the world. And because is all about sharing birthday ideas between us all (without ever having to buy a party planning book or pay any sort of fee - it's all free and will stay that way), I'd love to showcase your ideas and photos on our site for others to enjoy and learn from.

Besides the cool prizes, if your submission blows us away (many do...), we'll make an extra effort to create your very own theme party page with photos and all, to be hosted on our site - just like these:

For all the contest details and submission guidelines, click on over to the Contest Entry Form.


Noa's First Birthday Party Ideas and Photos
Noa's 1st Birthday Party

Jeffere's Army Party Ideas and Photos
Jeffere's Army Party

If you have a friend who always has original ideas, pass this e-zine on to them to let them know about the contest. Or, you could put up a post in your favorite forums.

(If a friend DID forward this to you, please subscribe by visiting the Birthdayography subscription page.)

The last time we had a contest - the Coolest Cakes Contest - participation was so high that all the submission turned into a full-blown Web site: Now, with over 500 cake photos and how-to tips, this site has become a must-visit resource for anyone planning to make a birthday cake. Thanks to You!

Blow-U-Away Cakes Alert

Here are just some of the cakes added to the cakes gallery this month:

And here's a sneak peek at an awesome Stitch cake I added today and haven't yet announced via the official "Blow-U-Away Birthday Cakes" RSS Feed. The feed notifies you when I've add an exceptionally unique cake and that way you don't have to check - the cakes are served "fresh" right onto your desktop. You can also keep up to date by visiting the Cake Blog section where all the new cakes are announced.


Elad the Birthday Dad

, Our birthday party sites are inspired by readers like yourself and serve as an inspiration for thousands of people worldwide - every day! Take a moment to write up and send in your theme party ideas and photos TODAY from this submission form. I can't wait to see your party photos and ideas and get them up on the site so that thousands of people find inspiration from YOUR CHILD'S party!

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