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May 26, 2005

May 27, 2005
Issue #024
Subscribers: 26,336

***************************************** and are co-created by two birthday party junkies. For those of you who recently subscribed, let us introduce ourselves.

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The PARTY TALES Contest ends in just a few days – May 31st. You've got just one more weekend to write up your party ideas and send them in together with your party photos. Here's the PARTY TALES Contest submission form. The Grand Prize is a Kodak Digital Camera and there are lots more cool prizes.

So far I've received some of the most AMAZING submissions! Donna's Cowboy Party, Christine's Army Party, Ginger's Fairy Party, Rebecca's Dinosaur Party, and on and on...

Many of the PARTY TALES are already online - Here they are… (You will not believe some of these!)

(If you already sent in your PARTY TALE and can't find it, I've got quite a few queued up, so please bare with me. I'll send you an email once your page is live.)

, is inspired by visitors like yourself and serves as an inspiration to thousands of people worldwide - every day! As mentioned above, you can win a prize for sending in your PARTY TALE, but more importantly, the energy you invested into the party will be shared with others and come back right at you when you're in need of a few great ideas.

I can't wait to see your party photos and ideas and create your very own PARTY TALE page. Just think of it, thousands of people will find inspiration from YOUR CHILD'S party!

Bottom line: Send in your PARTY TALE Today!


Elad the Birthday Dad


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