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PARTY TALES Contest Winners - Brace Yourself! --> Birthdayography #25
June 29, 2005

June 29, 2005
Issue #025
Subscribers: 27,881

***************************************** and are co-created by two birthday party junkies. For those of you who recently subscribed, let us introduce ourselves.

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(For those of you who just joined, a “Party Tale” is a combination of party ideas and photos submitted by visitors to our site…)


The "Party Tales Contest" ended almost a month ago and I was sure that it'd take me just a few days (maximum) to get all the Party Tales on line and announce the contest winners.

I neglected to take two very important things into consideration:

1. There were over 60 Party Tales in my inbox, waiting to be read, edited and put online.

2. I had to prepare my daughter Maya's 4th birthday – a Frog party – with about 30 (!!) kids and their parents.

Today, a month after the contest ended and with Maya's 4th birthday party behind us (Phew!), there are still about 15 Party Tales in my inbox - waiting to be put on line. So, instead of waiting any longer until I finish, I'd like to announce the winners. (All the Party Tales that were submitted by the deadline have been read through and considered… As I said, not all are online yet.)

Brace yourself, you're about to see some of the most fantastic party ideas – all submitted by visitors like yourself. And you can be sure that as long as our sites continue to exist (hopefully forever…), all the ideas, all the Party Tales, all the cakes, and all the birthday party information will remain free for everyone to enjoy.

One last note – I'd like to thank each and every one of you “Party Tellers” who took a moment to write up your ideas and send them in with colorful photos. They were all amazing and inspiring and just choosing the winners was a grueling task in itself for our panel of judges.

As a small token of our appreciation, we've decided to “spruce up” the prizes.

The original contest prizes were:

One (1) 1st Place – Digital Camera or $100 in party supplies

Three (3) Runners-up - $25 in party supplies

The “spruced-up” prizes are:

One (1) 1st Place – Digital Camera or $100 in party supplies

Four (4) Runners-up – $50 in party supplies

One (1) “Most Original Theme” – $25 in party supplies

Grand Prize Winner

Before she sent in her Medieval Knights Party Tale (on the last day of the contest…), Melissa from Luxembourg wrote me an email "warning" me of her submission:

“I wanted to send in my party idea, but I am an absolute birthday party crazy mom and I spend A LOT of time and money on them. So, I am unsure if you just want what you can do for cheap ideas or you really want the whole thing. I read through the ideas and mine would be classed as "over the top". Then if by chance I did win, everyone would say, that was because she spent so much on them.”

Of course Melissa's email made me even more curious to see what she considered as “over-the-top”. And boy oh boy, was I blown away!!! (Just like you will be in a moment…)

True, Melissa spends a lot of money on her children's parties, but she also invests a whole lot of time and energy and creativity and love. And once you read her Party Tale you'll understand exactly why she goes to such a great extent.

Melissa's Party Tale is more like a Fairy Tale to most of us (you just have to see the castle she lives in – included in the Party Tale…). However, Melissa, you won the Grand Prize not because of the money you spend but because of the passion you have for making your child's birthday the most wonderful day ever. I'm sure they'll never forget it – and neither will we…

Here is Melissa's Grand Prize-winning Medieval Knights Party Tale...

The four runners up are just as exciting and inspiring:

Rebecca's Dinosaur Party Tale

Janine's Pirate Party Tale

Margaret's Winnie the Pooh Party Tale

Araceli's Wild West Party Tale

Finally, we decided to award another $25 gift certificate to the “most original theme” – and the winner is Beth from Newport, RI and her Asian Party Tale (fortune cookie invitations, eating cake with chopsticks, and lot's more…)

I was also planning to tell you all about the Frog party we had for Maya's 4th birthday, but I'll save that for next month's newsletter edition. Right now you've got 48 Party Tales to read!! Start your Party Tale voyage from this complete Party Tales Index. Over the next few days I'll be adding the remaining 15 Party Tales.

Have a Wonderful day!

Elad the Birthday Dad

, Please continue to submit your Party Tales and help us make this free party resource bigger and better for the whole world to enjoy. Here's the Party Tales submission form...


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