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Last-Minute Homemade Costumes & Halloween Ideas --> Birthdayography 27
October 26, 2005

October 26th , 2005
Issue #027
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*****************************************, and are co-created by two party junkies. For those of you who recently subscribed, let us introduce ourselves.

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If you're still hoping to come up with an original costume in time for Halloween – don't worry. Your time may be running out, but is only a click away. You'll find some of the most original ideas, photos and how-to tips to help you create your own coolest homemade costume.

Since releasing the site last month over 100,000 people (!!) have visited and many have already submitted their costumes to this year's costume contest. (Make sure you send your costume photo and how-to tips via this form right after Halloween). The Grand Prize is a Mini DVD and you can win lots of other cool prizes, but more importantly, by submitting your costume photos, you'll be helping us create the coolest homemade costume gallery on the Web.

Alyson T. from Bloomsburg, PA, who sent in her Dog and Fire Hydrant costume, summed it up best:

“Thanks for having this great site to post costumes and ideas on! It's just not right that these works of art get one day of glory and then are forgotten! Hopefully my costume will give someone else some ideas someday.”

That's what this site is all about – “conserving” your creative energy and sharing it for many years to come.

Sometimes it's just the idea that can spark your imagination. For instance, last week I added a baby parrot costume. But it's not just another parrot. The behind-the-scenes story is that the 6-year old brother was dressed up as a pirate and absolutely "needed" his little 5-month old sister to be his Parrot!

Or, another cool brother-sister combo is the girl who dressed up as a tooth fairy and wanted her little brother to be the… tooth.

A pregnant pumpkin, spine shivering head-on-a-platter or pencil-poked zombie nerd, an easy-to-make tea bag or a vacuum cleaner boy who walked around all day saying "I suck" - are just a few of the latest costumes submitted to the contest and added to the gallery. And they're all relatively simple to make.

Over the next few days more new costumes will be constantly added - right up to Halloween. You can keep up to date with each costume that's added by subscribing to our costumes RSS feed (explained here…).

Halloween Party Ideas and Cakes

If you're also throwing a Halloween party and need some last-minute party ideas or spooky game ideas – make sure to check out our Halloween party ideas page.

And... Don't forget to visit our Halloween cakes page on where you'll find lots of photos and how-to tips for Graveyard cakes, pumpkin-shaped cakes and even a Frankenstein's head cake.

Did I mention that everything on our sites is always free for everyone to enjoy?!

So, Enjoy and have a great and safe Halloween!

Elad the Birthday Dad

P.S., I can't wait to see your costumes this year! It's just mind-blowing what people come up with. The costume contest ends Nov. 15th so make sure you take a photo and send it along with your write up via this submission form.


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