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A Cake That Came To Life --> Birthdayography 28
December 07, 2005

December 7th, 2005
Issue #028
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*****************************************, and are co-created by two party junkies. For those of you who recently subscribed, let us introduce ourselves.

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I'd like to start off this edition with a rather bizarre story of a cake on our site www.coolest-birthday-cakes - that came to life!

Our eldest daughter, Maya, is absolutely terrified of dogs. Any time there's a dog within a mile of her, you'll suddenly see her running hysterically for cover. So, my wife and I decided that the best way to help her overcome this dread of dogs is to... adopt a dog.

Friends of ours who live in an apartment building in the city were looking to give away a one-year-old Australian Shepherd to a loving family that lives in the countryside, where, Casey (the dog), would have lots of room to run around outside all day.

We immediately fell in love with Casey and took him home.

That very day, I received a cake submission that would have been, under regular circumstances, just another great cake to add to the cake gallery. But, on this particular day, this cake caused me to lose a heartbeat and run for cover!

It was an exact, to-the-whiskers depiction of Casey, submitted on the very day we came home with our new dog. It was submitted by Marlene L. from... the City of Casey on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia.

Here are Casey and "Cakesy" side by side.

I have no logical explanation for this bizarre occurance and I'm not trying too hard to find one so that I don't awaken any of the other cakes on the site (e.g. dinosaur cakes, ghost cakes, etc...). But, keep submitting your cakes and, who knows, maybe, somewhere, some place, they'll come to life.

As for Maya's situation, it took her a few weeks to get used to her new dog, but now she enthusiastically expresses her deepest love and affection for Casey on every possible occasion and then runs for cover whenever Casey tries to convey his affection.

New Barnyard Party Theme

The newest addition to, is the complete Barnyard theme party section. You'll find wagon-loads of Barnyard party ideas, decorating ideas, free printable invitations, fun barnyard food and cake ideas, and the coolest Barnyard party games (like The Barn is on Fire, Milk the Cow, Animals on the Loose, Pig Out and many more).

2005 Costume Contest Winners

Thanks to so many of you creative minds out there, this year's costume contest was - again - a HUGE success!

A success not only in the sense that a few people succeeded in winning prizes for their original costumes. But a success in the sense that today - with over 500 homemade costumes already on line (and many added every day) - together we've succeeded in creating the Web's largest FREE homemade costume-sharing resource:

So, a BIG THANKS to everyone who participated!

The 2005 Coolest Costume Contest Grand Prize - A PORTABLE DVD - goes to Donna from Magnolia, NJ for her original Hot-Air Balloon.

Now, Donna's little daughter will be able to enjoy a few good DVDs as she sets out around the world in 80 days.

(Donna also submitted a very cute and original Tea bag costume... )

Runners Up - Winning $50 in Party Supplies Each:

Head on Platter: There were a few great head on platter submissions, but this head just stood out. Maybe it's the knife that's stuck in the little girl's head, or the blood trickling down her forehead. It could be her dazed expression, or maybe it's just the colorful cutlery and the clever trick-or-treat candy opening.

Hoover Vacuum: This vacuum cleaner boy is one of the most original ideas we ran into. And thinking about him running around all day saying "I suck" is hilarious. Here's an idea to expand on this costume (maybe someone can devise it for next year's Halloween): Have a vacuum hose coming from the back that can actually suck in the trick-or-treat candy into a little sack.

Mover: You'll stare at this picture again and again trying to figure out the illusion. I'm sure that in real life it's even more fantastic. The costume may be a bit heavy for the average "disguisee", but it's without a doubt a winner.

That's it for this year's costume contest. For those of you who still have a costume to share but just haven't gotten around to sending it in - this is as good a time as ever to share with us your costume. You worked so hard to come up with a great costume idea - it deserves more than just one day of glory.

No matter when you send your costumes, they'll automatically be entered into our next costume contest.

, have a wonderful holiday season!

Elad the Birthday Dad



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