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Birthdayography #001: Ready, Steady, Blow... Bubbles
August 01, 2003

Hot off the press, here's the latest edition of Birthdayography! Enjoy!

Table of Contents:
1. Bubble Fun
2. New SpongeBob Theme Party Ideas
3. "Coolest Party Ideas" Contest - Winner
4. Birthday Tradition for Hard-Headed Kids…
. Birthdayography Tip

1. Bubble Fun

Remember the last time you blew soap bubbles?

Last week my daughter came home from a friend's birthday party with a couple of pink bubble bottles. The same bubble bottles from when we were kids. I think we spent the next two hours sitting on our porch having a hilarious time trying to out-blow each other's bubbles.

Conclusion: For anyone, any age, bubbles are a blast… I mean burst ;-) And at your child's next birthday, the kids (and you) can have so much fun with this inexpensive activity, while you capture some amazing birthday pictures.

(Just take a look at the cover of this book and you'll understand what I mean!)

Here's a fun-filled article just on bubbles, bubble tools, bubble games, and cool bubble picture ideas especially for kid birthday parties.



A very important bubble-blowing factor is the bubble solution. So, here are a few excellent bubble recipes for Hindenberg-size bubbles (But be forewarned… all the kids on the block will be stopping by asking you to blow bubbles for them.)



2. New SpongeBob Theme Party Ideas

The latest member to our rapidly growing list of coolest kid party themes is the wacky SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Party.

Take a look at some of the fun party ideas, like a sponge water fight, "soakable" sponge invitations, and lots more cool stuff!


3. "Coolest Party Ideas" Contest - Winner

Thanks for the many wonderful ideas submitted this month! Choosing the winner was SUPER tough...

Drum roll please...

This issue's coolest idea winner is Tracey Turner who turned her house into a construction zone for her twins' first birthday, and then shared with us her fabulous construction party ideas. Here's Tracey's fun party idea...

Her "hubby" thinks she goes a little overboard. Well Tracey, tell hubby that your idea just won $25 worth of birthday party supplies at the coolest party supply store (Which is?...).

Send in your coolest ideas and you too can win a bag-full of party supplies! (Submit through the Web, or just reply to this email with your coolest party ideas).


4. Birthday Tradition for Hard-Headed Kids…

Did you know that in Ireland, one of the birthday traditions is to lift the birthday child upside down and gently "bump" their heads on the floor for good luck? The number of bumps equals the age of the child plus one for extra good luck.

Wouldn't it be loads of fun to experiment with this "interesting" tradition at your kid's next birthday party (on all the kids...)?


5. Birthdayography Tip

Check to see that your camera is fully functional and takes good pictures - BEFOREHAND! (What a disappointment it is to find out that the pictures didn't come out or came out poorly). If you have a digital camera, make sure you have spare batteries (that annoying blinking battery icon usually turns on right when your child is about to blow out the candels...) Also, make sure that you have enough smart media cards or film on hand.

All the best (and coolest),

Elad the Birthday Dad


P.S. Wet 'n Wild, Super Heroes, Bob the Builder, and a few more awesome themes are in the oven (this very moment) and will soon join our Coolest Themes section. So visit often and remember to tell all your friends to come on by and enjoy the coolest kid birthday party ideas!

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