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September 07, 2006

September 7th, 2006
Issue #29
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Below you'll read about a 5-year old child that asked his party guests not to bring gifts and instead donate to the Birmingham Children's Hospital in Alabama. He raised over $1200 and still had one of the coolest parties ever, as you'll soon see.

But first, here are the tasty morsels included in this newsletter:

1. "Party it Forward": A Benefit Birthday Party Campaign

2. A Teddy Bear cake turns into a Penguin

3. Costumes - A Pumpkin becomes an Astronaut's helmet

4. To make a long name short...


1. "Party it Forward": A Benefit Birthday Party Campaign


The Challenge: Have you ever bought a birthday gift and thought to yourself: "What a waste of my money, they probably won't use it anyway"? But... you buy it anyway just because you can't come to a party empty handed and you can't think of something better to buy.

Or... Have you or your child ever received a useless birthday gift that quickly found its way into a box full of junk en route to the garbage?

What a waste of our hard-earned money and energy!

Our Proposed Solution: Next time you throw a birthday party for yourself or your child, relieve your party guests of having to waste their energy on finding a gift and money on buying it. Choose a charitable cause and ask them to help you support it.

It's a win-win situation.

You throw a cool party, everyone has a great time, and your charity of choice receives much-needed support.

Party it Forward.

It's not an easy concept to fathom - especially for children - but it's sure worth a shot if you find a way to compensate with a super-cool party, one big and useful gift maybe, or any other creative way you come up with.

The Inspiration: Here's a story that'll provide you with all the inspiration you need in order to give this undertaking a shot.

It's about a 5-year old child that asked his party guests not to bring gifts and instead donate to the Birmingham Children's Hospital in Alabama. He raised over $1200 and still had one of the coolest parties ever, as you'll soon see.

Brenda P. from Huntsville Alabama contributed this excellent party concept. We're just trying to pay it forward by featuring it on our network of party sites and hopefully inspiring others to attempt the same.

Here's Brenda's full story with photos and a cool video clip -

Here's an excerpt from Brenda's story:

"One focus of our children's parties for the past three years is that rather than having our children receive presents for their birthdays, we've raised money for charitable causes in which we deeply believe. Because we won't be dealing with mounds of gifts, it's easier to justify inviting more friends, classmates, and acquaintances. The more kids, the merrier! Also, more money is raised for the charity, so everybody wins! We've also found that our children don't miss the presents. It's the party they desire - so we go all out. They are involved in all the planning, which is loads of fun, truly making the party their day.

"My oldest son, Carson, started this routine on his fifth birthday when he threw a St. Jude's Benefit for his birthday. Over $1,500 were raised. Davis, my younger son, wanted to be like his big brother and raise money to help sick children. For Davis' charity we collectively decided on the Birmingham (Alabama, USA) Children's Hospital.

"The excellent cranial neural and facial doctors at the Birmingham Children's Hospital had performed successful surgery on Davis for sagittal synotosis when he was three months of age. Therefore, the Kingdom of Davis festival this year would contribute to Birmingham Children's Hospital, specifically benefiting Dr. John Grant (who performed Davis' surgery) and his dream to provide free neural and facial surgery for children who cannot afford or don't even realize they can get treatment."

(The complete story is online ( with photos, a short video clip and all the details that'll inspire you to want to do the same).

Our Proposition: If you "Party it Forward" and throw a Benefit Birthday, just send us the story with pictures. We'll feature it on our network of party sites and help you to continue the support for your favorite charitable cause - way after the party has ended.


2. A Teddy Bear cake turns into a Penguin


Our homemade cake gallery is growing by the day and already has over 2000 (!!) homemade cake photos and tips. Although many Pros visit the gallery often to find ideas for their customer cakes, is mainly a place for even the most novice cake maker to find an idea for a doable cake.. You won't find many cakes on the site that can't be made by us "commoners". You're more than welcome to comment on the cakes, and here are some of the visitor comments that caught our eyes...

A Teddy Bear turns into a Penguin (

"That's so cute! Another great idea for that pan, it sure gets the bang per buck!!" -

Here's another one...

A Caterpillar saves the day (

"Oh my're my lifesaver!! I have been searching for a this cake...or cake pan similiar to it. I also found a bakery that does Baby Einstein cakes but they charge $45 for a 1/4 sheet...I said no way and started to search and make it myself. Thank goodness I found it!!! Thank you!!"


3. A Pumpkin becomes an Astronaut's helmet


Just in time for Halloween, the costume gallery is bubbling with all sorts of original, spooky and wacky homemade costume ideas.

Here's a pumpkin that became an astronaut helmet for an astronaut costume -

"What a brilliant costume, hats off to you. The pumpkin is good, and is a much better idea than a bucket."

Now, the only worry is what'll happen at the strike of midnight?


4. To make a long name short


What do all the sites listed below have in common?





They're the coolest party sites on the Web with loads of free info to help you throw your party...

Yeah, right. But what else?

They're lonnnnnnnng with lots of - - - - dashes.

Actually, most people find this sort of naming structure easier to remember. Would you prefer, for instance,

However, we've decided to make life even simpler for everyone by creating It's our Master party site that allows you to reach all of our "long-named" sites with just a click (and without wasting too many letters...)

, thanks for spending your time with us.

Take care and... Party it Forward -->!

Elad Shippony

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