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The Coolest Costume of Them All --> Partyology 30
October 19, 2006
October 19th, 2006
Issue #30
Subscribers: 62,061
Online Edition:

Here's a special edition of Partyology
in the Spirit of Halloween. Enjoy!


“Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
Who’ll have the coolest costume of them all?”

“You, this Halloween,
Will strut a costume that’s not been seen.”

“Oh Mirror, Mirror, where can I find
Distinct ideas to spark my mind?”

“To make yourself a cool disguise,
That’s sure to win the coolest prize,
Just grasp the mouse that’s in your palm
Click to”

“A prize to win?! That sounds divine,
But is there a contest that’s online?”

“Of course, I never jest
It’s the Coolest Homemade Costume Contest.
Find a costume that you made,
And send photos of the masquerade,
With how-to tips that will explain,
So others won’t need to rack their brain.
Just be sure and remember,
Submit by 15th of November.
The prize is big, it’s huge, grandiose,
And here’s the form you’ll need to use:

“Oh Mirror, Mirror, how can I thank
The one who’s helped me plan my prank?

“You’re very welcome, my dear friend
Enjoy Halloween, it’s so fun to pretend!”

“There’s one more thing, Mirror, I need to know
Before I agree to let you go…

“Well, if you must, I’m at your dispense
Just make it quick, I’m in suspense”

“Oh Miror, Mirror, on the wall,
Who’ll have the coolest Halloween party of them all?”

“You, can rattle their bones and give them a fright,
As you hear their groans in the pitch black night.”
Just visit – if you dare
And, remember, beware!
There are Spooky ideas and free printables galore,
Spine-chilling cakes and Halloween decor,
Pumpkin carving stencils and so much more.
They’ll all make your fest the very best,
But now, excuse me, I must lay to rest”

“Oh dear Mirror, my curiosity is to blame
That now you feel so worn-out and drained.”

“It’s only clear, my dear,
That so many queries shall make me weary.
And if a Mirror doesn't get its beauty sleep
Anyone who looks at it will creep!”

Have a SAFE and HAPPY Halloween. Yours truly,

Elad Shippony

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