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November 29, 2006

November 29, 2006
Issue #32
Subscribers: 65,411
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With over 300 amazing, original, awesome, wild, spooky, crazy, foolish, inventive, creative, unusual and every-other-superlative-you-can-think-of homemade costume submissions, it was almost impossible to select the winners of our 2006 Coolest Costume Contest.

But a contest is a contest...

If you submitted a costume and can't find it online, don't fret. Over the next few weeks all the costumes submitted will be added to the gallery. Subscribe to our costumes RSS feed and you'll be notified every time a new costume goes up. You can also visit the Costume Blog page to see what costumes have been added.

Drum roll, please...

3rd place ($25 gift certificate at Birthday Express) goes to... I'll give you a clue - This sweet costume keeps you WARM in winter... Here's our 3rd place winner!

2nd Place ($50 gift certificate at Birthday Express) is one of the best examples for an optical illusion costume. I'm not LYING because if I did, this is what would happen to me... Here's our 2nd place winner!

The Grand Prize winner (a $250 Amazon gift certificate) is actually not just one costume but a family costume. A mother, father and their two boys disguised as a well-known family.

The concept is one of the most original. The write up is exceptional and very detailed. But what really tipped the scales in favor of this costume is the fact that an entire family got together, created their own original costume, and went out to celebrate, trick-or-treat, and party. TOGETHER.

The significance is clear and inspiring to every family.

This neat freak mother, bumbling duck-lover father, robotic dog and 10-year old boy with a 214 IQ are our Grand Prize winners... Here's our Grand Prize Winner!

We've also created this Hall of Fame page for this year's and past year's winners.


"Party it Forward" - Part II


Several issues ago I introduced our "Party it Forward" Benefit Birthday Party campaign.

Here's a short reminder:

Gift-giving will always be a part of the birthday party tradition, but... if you're up for the challenge, and you're willing to forsake a few Made-in-Taiwan action figures, throw a party and ask your guests not to bring gifts. Instead, ask them to help you support a charitable cause.

It's a win-win situation.

You throw a cool party, everyone has an unforgettable time, and your charity of choice receives much-needed support.

Party it Forward.

It's not an easy concept to fathom - especially for children - but it's sure worth a shot, at least once in your life. You can always find a way to compensate for a mountain of gifts with a super-cool party, one big and useful gift maybe, or any other creative way you come up with.

The latest "Party it Forward" story was submitted to us by Allyson from Lafayette, Louisiana. For her daughter, Olivia's, 6th birthday she created an inspiring Candyland theme and helped Olivia raise almost $800 for the Miles Perret Center for Cancer Services in their hometown. Don't miss this wonderful story!

It's amazing and even a bit unbelievable to think that kids actually concede to throwing such a party. But after you read Olivia's story and the previous story we featured about 5-year old Davis and his Kingdom Festival benefit party, you see that the kids, although still young, can genuinely comprehend the value of giving to others.

Please take a moment to add your comment at the bottom of each of these stories. Your feedback will give even more inspiration to other folks who stumble upon these stories, and may even help motivate them to do the same.

If you have your own birthday party campaign stories, we'd love to hear them and feature them on our site.

, With Thanksgiving just behind us, there is no better time than this to say THANKS to you and each and every one of our 65,411 newsletter subscribers for being part of our Coolest Parties network and helping us make the very COOLEST place on the Web fore SHARING party ideas.



P.S. Christmas is just around the corner, so make sure to visit our new Christmas section. We've added lots of new Christmas printable designs, Christmas party ideas, crafts, homemade cakes, original coloring pages, and so much more!

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