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Cakes that MOVE! --> Partyology 33
September 27, 2007
September 27th, 2007
Issue #033
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I’m sure you’ve seen some pretty amazing homemade birthday cakes. I myself have run in to quite a few over the years, while compiling the Web’s largest collection of cakes at

But... The cake category I recently opened features cakes you’ve probably never seen... nor heard... nor watched!

These are homemade birthday cakes that move! Yes, MOVE!

I won’t even try to describe the twirling Wheel of Fortune cake, or the haunted Halloween cake that comes to life, nor Dora’s dancing celebration cake. You’ll just have to see these cakes in motion in order to believe!

Here they are:

Remember that there are also THOUSANDS of “old-fashioned” motionless birthday cakes in our coolest gallery of cakes (and growing by the day). The cake photos and write-ups have all been submitted by visitors like yourself who seek to share their creations and inspire others. You are also welcome to take part in the sharing and inspiring and submit your own cakes.


2007 Coolest Costume Contest


The annual 2007 Coolest Costume Contest is officially underway. This year’s Grand Prize is a $300 (U.S. Dollars) online shopping spree, including lots of other prizes.

Here are the contest details and submission guidelines:

You still have lots of time to come up with a cool costume this year and submit it (contest ends mid-November). You can submit as many costumes as you like as long as you MADE them. So, if in previous years you created contest-winning costumes, bring them back to life by submitting a photo and a write-up. You’ll have a chance to win a prize, but more importantly, your costume will be featured in our gallery along with hundreds of others, inspiring people around the world and receiving the glory it deserves - forever.

I’m adding new costumes almost daily, and with Halloween creeping up behind us, it’s a good idea to visit our costume Blog page every few days. It’s updated every time a new costume is added.

Here's our Blog:

You can also subscribe to our costume RSS feed and have the costumes served right onto your desktop with MyYahoo, Google, MyMSN, or any other feed reader.

Here's the feed:

If you’re planning to host a Halloween party this year, don’t put it off until the last moment and make sure to visit our Halloween party ideas section at:

It's brimming with ghoulish ideas that’ll help make your party an unforgettable event.

Oh..., I want to make sure you know that ALL the great cake and costume ideas, and all the exciting party info on our “coolest” sites is FREE! There’s no need to sign up or anything else. It’s right there, a click away online, for you to enjoy. So... Enjoy!

Elad the Birthday Dad ;-)

P.S. Since 2003 I've been working on my party Web sites from home. They earn me a GREAT living. And, I have the time to be a full-time father.

If you've ever dreamt of quitting your day job and being your own manager, you can:

1. Keep dreaming.
2. Click here now and see how I'm doing it:

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