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Divorce Cake Verdict and New Costume Dilemma --> Partyology 35
September 25, 2008

Partyology Issue #35
September 25th, 2008
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Before I ask for your help with my latest dilemma - a very, VERY controversial homemade costume, I'd like to settle last issue's heated divorce cake debate.

In the last edition of this newsletter, I asked for your input in deciding whether to include a rather controversial divorce cake on our homemade cakes site. The cake (yes, a cake...) has gotten many folks very emotional as you'll be able to see from the more than 200 comments ranging from:

"This cake is outright disgusting!" to "Hilarious, I love it!"

I really wasn't sure what to do. That's why I asked for your help and this is the place to say THANKS to all of you who took a moment to express their thoughts. You have been wonderful and your comments show how much you care about the site! And although I will never be able to cater to each and every one of the Million+ visitors we get every month, I will sure do my best.

You see, our Web sites are family-owned (built from home by my sister, Tamar, and myself with lots of love and dedication). We have put so much of our passion and energy and sweat into creating our "coolest" sites (coolest-kid-birthday-parties, coolest-birthday-cakes, coolest-homemade-costumes, coolest-holiday-parties, coolest-baby-showers, coolest-parties and more to come...). Our goal is that when people visit our sites they'll feel as comfortable as if they were visiting our home. Simple as that. And although there were many more people who commented that they loved the divorce cake, there were still quite a few people who felt seriously offended by the cake.

So I just asked myself a simple question: What would I do if I invited a friend over and I knew in advance that a certain article in my living room would offend her? Would I just leave it there and let her deal with it?

No. Just out of respect to my friend, I wouldn't.

Now, I wouldn't throw it away, either. I'd just put it in another room and close the door, leaving her the choice to look at it or not.

Therefore, I've decided to keep the divorce section on our cakes site with hope that it will turn into a "New Beginnings" section with more positive cakes. As for the divorce cake in question, I have made it viewable only to those who choose to look at it.

I know that some people will still find my solution unacceptable and others will say that I'm caving in to censorship, and all I can say is that I've done what I think is right... in my own home.

Here's what I've done with the Divorce cake...




And now on to that very, VERY controversial costume. Again, your input is most kindly requested...

I just received a very troubling costume submission - A homemade Suicide Bomber costume.

Now, on the one hand, it's Halloween, and most everything goes on Halloween. I mean, just look at our Spooky Costumes Section where you'll see kids dressed up as "heads on platters" and fake blood all over the place and all the rest of those ghoulish Halloween goodies. Or the costume with Lorena Bobbitt and her husband which is outright grotesque (you'll find a few of those in the Celebrity Costumes section). Mind you that no one has ever commented negatively on these costumes and they've been on the site for years.

On the other hand, a Suicide Bomber costume?!

My sister's instinctive reply was "No way"! My first inclination was pretty much the same. But then I did this quick image search on Google and, lo and behold, there are quite a few suicide bomber costumes - even kids. Then I recalled all those comments on the divorce cake that said that you have to look at even the most troubling issues with a touch of humor.

Well,, is this Suicide Bomber Costume too extreme, even for Halloween?

(The costume has NOT been put on the site and can be viewed only by you, our newsletter subscribers, until I decide what to do with it.)




Enough with divorces and bombers and all that bad stuff!

I really feel like sharing something special and positive... So here we go...

On September 14th, I celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary. I had two surprises up my sleeve. The first one didn't go as planned. The second one did.

I was planning to jump out of a plane together with my wife and skydive together with her hand in hand (just like we did on our honeymoon in New Zealand). However, when we reached the skydiving club she flat out refused to do it again. You know - ten years have passed by, getting old, responsibility, yada yada... So, I went through with it on my own and it's one of the most amazing experiences! Jumping out of a plane and just dropping for 50 seconds right through the clouds and then gliding down to the ground with the parachute. But I think that the most exciting part this time around was having my three little girls watch from below as their dad "flew" down to them from the sky :-)

As for the second surprise... I actually wanted to make up for something I should have done 10 years ago, which is... Propose :-) You can't really call what I did back then as proposing. It was more like, "Uh... Well... You wanna get married?"

For the past ten years I've often been reminded of my very lame proposal. So this was the perfect time to reclaim my pride. In a very romantic setting, I kneeled, took out a diamond ring, and asked my wife if she would continue to be my wife forever and she said... "Uh... Well... YES!"




Here are a few more quick updates...

New COSTUMES on coolest-homemade-costumes:

As our annual homemade costume contest closes in, we've already got over 150 submissions, and I've just added 13 new costume categories (I expect to add many more over the next few weeks...)

*Yellow Submarine
*Couch Potato
*Nintendo's Mega Man
*Ghost Busters
*Cracker Jacks
*Chucky and his Bride
*Hitchcock Characters (Tippy from the Birds and the Exorcist)
*Mouse Caught in Trap
*Veggie Tales
*Frozen Head in Fridge

Keep them coming and make sure to Enter the Contest!

New CAKES on coolest-birthday-cakes:

Here are the new cake categories built just this week:

*Daisy Duck
*Tennis Court
*Chinese Food To-Go

New BABY SHOWER IDEAS on coolest-baby-showers:

We've been working "BEARY" hard on our new baby showers site and have just finished uploading two of the most popular baby shower themes:

*Teddy Bear Baby Shower
*Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

Talk to you soon,


P.S. I've often suggested you read our Success Story on how my sister, Tamar, and I have built a successful online business from these "home-made" Web sites of ours. Quite a few people have written me back and asked for more info on how we did it and how they, too, could liberate themselves from their day jobs. It got me thinking that if enough people were interested, I'd be more than happy to give an online Web conference (free, of course) to tell you a little bit more about us and answer any of your questions regarding how to build a successful income-generating Web site. So, if you're interested, just reply to this newsletter and let me know (you can also fill out this form...). I'll get a conference going!

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