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Unbelievable Homemade Costume Ideas --> Partyology 36
October 22, 2008

Partyology Issue #36
October 22nd, 2008
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I'm going to have to make this quick, because as I write, my inbox is being bombarded with new homemade costume submissions. There are hundreds waiting to be added to I just can't seem to keep up! And although I've had quite a few sleepless nights over the past few weeks trying to figure out how to categorize each and every costume (where would you put a Sushi Roll costume or a Siamese Twins costume? :-), I gotta tell you that it's so much fun seeing how creative and passionate people are about making their own costumes. After all, making your own costume is a big part of what Halloween is all about - the excitement of creating from imagination. And even if you're not making your own costume, it's inspiring to see what others are up to.

Many of the costumes being added are winners of local costume contests - so all you have to do is grab the idea, tweak it and you're on your way to winning your local contest. And, of course, we've got our own contest going on so make sure to send in your costume photos and writeups.

Right now we have 1195 total costumes online, organized into more than 450 different categories - all with photos and how-to writeups!

Here's a list of the new costume categories added JUST over the past two weeks:

*GI Joe
*Garbage Can Boy
*Ben Franklin Electrocuted
*Fast Food Worker
*Colonel Sanders KFC
*Strawberry Shortcake
*Mother Nature
*Nacho Libre
*Pitfall by Activision
*Basketball Hoop
*Iron Man
*Kool Aid Man
*Disc Jockey
*Macaroni and Cheese
*Flavor Flav
*Candy Princess
*Tragedy Andy
*In the Shower
*White Trash
*Deer Hunter
*Death Row
*Cap'n Crunch
*Troll Dolls
*Big Bird
*Woody from Toy Story
*Statue of Liberty
*Legend of Zelda
*Chris Farley
*Street Fighter
*Happy Meal
*Raining Cats and Dogs
*Fear Factor Contestant
*Pine Aire Freshener
*Rafiki (from Lion King)
*Billiard Ball
*Beer Pong
*World of Warcraft
*Siamese Twins
*In the Spa
*Big Comfy Couch
*Moulin Rouge
*Silence of the Lambs
*Napoleon Dynamite
*Blind Melon Bee Girl
*Bill on Capitol Hill
*Sushi Roll
*FBI Agent
*Lucille Ball
*Chippendale's Dancer
*Hannibal Lector
*Moulin Rouge
*Burger and Fries
*Hello Kitty
*Rorschach (from Watchmen)
*Living Room Set
*Evil Knevil
*Trojan Man
*Mona Lisa and Leonardo
*Little Rascals
*Max from Where the Wild things Are
*Sweeney Todd
*Peter and the Wolf

Over the next two-three weeks there will be many more costumes and categories added (and many more sleepless nights...). Every time I add a new costume, I update our blog and RSS feed, so be sure to subscribe if you don't want any of the costumes to slip by.

If you're throwing a Halloween party this year, check out the Halloween party section that's got so many great ideas and lots of our original printables. (Remember that to print out the printables you'll need to type in - username: coolest, password: parties)


It seems like during this time of year, everything is overshadowed by Halloween. However, our site continues to grow by 20-30 new cakes every day (!!) and showcases over 6000+ homemade birthday cakes. Here are the new categories added since the last edition:

*Astro Boy
*Horton Hears a Who
*Viva Pinata
*Pinky Dinky
*Roller Coaster
*Grateful Dead

Here, also, you can keep up to date with every cake that's added by subscribing to our blog/RSS feed...


And if handing the costumes and cakes isn't enough, Tamar (my sister and partner in these sites...) has added to our fledgling site a Care Bears theme and a Christmas theme. Although it's still in it's first stages as far as we're concerned, the site already provides a wealth of really great and original information.


, I've got to get back to adding more costumes, so have a happy and safe Halloween!



P.S. Did you notice the new photo I put up of my girls and myself on our success story page?


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