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November 30, 2008

Partyology Issue #37
November 30th, 2008
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With over 1000 costumes submitted to this years costume contest, it's impossible (and unfair) to say that there is one costume that's better than all the rest. Especially when many of the submissions won top prizes at local contests.

However, from all the costumes we received, there was one very original costume that caught our eye. Anyone can make it within an hour or two and at very little expense. The costume idea is so unique that when first submitted back in August, I couldn't find any other like it anywhere on the Internet. However, by the end of October, we already had five more identical costume submissions inspired by this one very unique costume.

That's what our site is all about. Inspiration. And this costume, submitted by April from Marshall, MO, provided a "Whirlpool" of inspiration. It deserves our Grand Prize...

We also doubled the number and total value of prizes so that we could at least give a bit more recognition to deserving costumes and costume makers.

Here are our runners up:

If we were judging a movie quality costume contest, then without a doubt this costume, submitted by Austin from Fountain, CO, would take the Oscar. There is NO WAY most people could make it (nor Austin's 2007 Gargoyle costume), but nevertheless, this guy deserves a prize. See you in Hollywood, Austin!

It's amazing what one can create using just cardboard, duct tape, spray paint and loads of imagination. Just ask Bob from Brielle, NJ - a longtime costume submitter. Bob has a total of seven costumes featured on our site. This year he sent in these three beautifully crafted costumes - two of which he made for his children and one for his wife.

Another Super-Dad is Jerry from Fort Walton Beach, FL. Jerry also sent in three very original costumes this year, all made for his son. The time, energy and love put into Jerry's costumes are rewarded not only by our prize, but even more so by the satisfaction you can clearly see on his son's face.

Our last runner up is Kevin from Wyoming, MI and his costume buddies. Every year Kevin and the gang come up with an original group costume and hit the costume party scene. Kevin sent in these three group costumes and what most impressed us, alongside the cool costumes, is the idea that a bunch of friends get together once a year and dress up together. There's something very special about that.

And there's one last winner - Laura from Seattle, WA. We decided to give Laura a special prize because she's one of the most special costume makers we've ever run into. Laura sent in 16 (!!!) costumes, all so very unique. What's even more impressive is that Laura is still in High School and most of her costumes were made for theme days (called "spirit" days at school...) You've got the... We even created a special page spotlighting all of Laura's creations.

That's it for this year's costume contest. All submissions received after Nov. 15 will be included in next year's contest so send your costumes in anytime during the year.

I'd like to take a moment and say a BIG thanks to all of you who took the time to send in your costumes and writeups. Each and every one of you deserves to be a winner. You know, in a way we are all winners because there are now over 1800 costumes featured on the site and next time you need inspiring costume ideas, they'll be at your fingertips on

, Have a happy holiday season!



P.S. A special thanks to Wendy from Diva Girl Parties and Stuff who helped us judge the costumes.


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