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Finally! Costume Contest Winners --> Partyology 39
December 15, 2009

Finally, 2009 Costume Contest Winners!

Partyology Issue #39
December 15th, 2009
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I can't believe that it's nearly Christmas and I'm still "stuck" back in Halloween trying to figure out how to get a grip on our 2009 Costume Contest :-)

But, alas, after many long weeks of reviewing and categorizing each and every one of the 1812 homemade costumes submitted, days of editing write-ups and watermarking images, and long hours of deliberating (and arguing) who deserves to win, we have finally come to a conclusion:

There is no way to judge such a huge contest without losing your sanity!

Any decision that is made, any winners that are selected, will not do justice to so many other incredible costumes. Yet, it's not just the costumes we are judging. You see, unlike a real, live costume contest, we never really get to experience the costume itself. We rely on the photos and their artistic composition, detailed write-ups, and, of course videos to get a feel for the costume.

Hence, we have judged our costume contest not only on the final result, but also on the journey taken to create it.

For this year's contest we announced a really big $500 Grand Prize and total of $1000 in prizes. Our biggest prize offering ever. I truly apologize, but under the circumstances and because our judges couldn't come to an agreement, we have been forced to amend our prize offering…

We have decided not to award a $500 Grand Prize.

Instead, we will be awarding TWO $500 Grand Prizes (And, of course, another $500 in runner-up prizes :-)

So without further ado, here are the winners of our 2009 Costume Contest:

Our first $500 Grand Prize goes to Jessica from Van Nuys for her "Carol" from "Where the Wild Things Are" costume. This year alone we received 20 such costumes based on the movie, but as you read Jessica's write-up, look at her photos, and experience her excellent videos, you will experience one very "Wild" costume-maker.

Our second $500 Grand Prize goes to TJ and his buddies from Gettysburg, PA for their "Lego Minifigures" group costumes. This year we also received a bunch of Lego costumes, but the 5-man gang over in Gettysburg really brought these Minifigs to life. Again, the description and photos are excellent and give you a peek into this special friendship behind the making of the costumes .

This is what TJ wrote us after we told him his group costume had won the Grand Prize:

"This is so very cool! This Halloween has been the greatest one for us yet! It is great having people gather for the purpose of trying to come up with the coolest and most presentable costume. My friends and I had a blast designing and creating these Lego monsters, haha. The amount of attention we received while walking to our party through the streets of Baltimore to the hundreds of photos we posed for at the party let us know that we succeeded in our creations. It is an honor to be acknowledged and a winner through your site from the thousands of other entries!"

Our Runner-Up $175 Prize goes to Lori-Ann from Redondo Beach, CA for her "Jelly Belly" Couple costume. This costume's genius is in it's simplicity. Anyone can put it together within minutes, at a very little cost, and still pick up the top prize at the local costume contest. (Although, there is a price for such simplicity… Restroom visits are not included with the costume…;-).

We also awarded five $65 Gift Certificate prizes to:

Teri from Mokena, Il for her "Pregnant Pumpkin" costume – It took me a few moments to understand that the Pumpkin was actually "pregnant"…

Adam from Sudbury, Ontario for his "Wilson from Home Improvement" costume – Here's another simple costume that'll have you trying to peek over the fence…

Kristin from Long Beach, CA for her "Scuba Baby" costume – This baby costume gives a whole new interpretation to the world of pacifiers…

Tracey from Welland, Ontario for her "Cerberus Dog" costume – Here's one dog… actually three… no, one… no, three… aaaah, heck, you decide on your own…

Ann from Merrionette Park, IL for her Christmas Tree costume - Excellent costume with a very detailed write-up. And… no need to buy a Christmas tree this year :-)

, you can also visit our Costume Contest Hall of Fame to see all of this and past year winners…

So now that Halloween is officially over for me, I'd like to wish you all a happy holiday season wherever you may be. And remember that whenever you're in need of some original and fun homemade costume, kid party, birthday cake and all other party inspiration, just click on over and you're sure to find something that'll spark up your muse.

See you all soon.


P.S. Ever wondered how to succeed online? Here's my story of how a "little homemade website" built by a complete novice (me) has become my family's main source of income...

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