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Your Homemade Costume Can Still Win a Prize! --> Partyology 40
November 03, 2010

Your Homemade Costume Can Still Win a Prize! We'll Even Double the Prize...

Partyology Issue #40
November 3th, 2010
Subscribers: 144,390
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Halloween 2010 may be over, but your homemade costume can still win a prize! And in just a moment I'll explain how you can double your chances to win.

First off, you've got only a few days left to submit your homemade costume to the Web's Coolest Homemade Costume Contest (over $1000 in Prizes and a $500 Grand Prize!). The DEADline for costume submissions is Sunday, November 7th at the stroke of midnight.


So far, over 1500 (!!) homemade costumes have been submitted. Our goal is to surpass 2000 costumes, so here's a challenge for you that can increase your chances:

If we surpass 2000 submissions by Nov. 7th, we'll DOUBLE the prize money to $2000! Thus, more costumes will be able to win more prizes – including yours. So please take a moment and help us get the word across the Web (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Email, etc.) and encourage your friends to submit also.

Just tell them about the (double) contest and send them this link to the Contest details and submission form: has become the Web's most comprehensive costume resource with thousands of homemade costumes. It's completely free (and will stay that way) and it's built entirely on ideas and photos shared with us by visitors for you to enjoy and find inspiration from.

, by submitting your costumes and encouraging others to submit, you're taking part in creating this invaluable resource that'll be there for lots of people around the world - and yourself - next time you'll need some cool ideas for a costume.

Have a wonderful day!

(part of the network)

P.S. If you're a costume fanatic like me, you can keep up with every single costume that's submitted to the contest on Twitter, by subscribing to our Costume RSS Feed, or by visiting the Costume Blog.

You're also welcome to join our Facebook Costumes Group where we'll be making the official announcement of the contest winners.

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