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Would You "Like" a Facebook Theme Party ? --> Partyology 41
March 15, 2011

Would You "Like" A Facebook Theme Party?!

Partyology Issue #41
March 15th, 2011
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I'm happy to announce that human nature, thirsty for face-to-face communication (as opposed to wall-to-wall), is prevailing.

Profiles are logging back into reality!

And now, real-people (and their friends) are beginning to throw real Facebook Theme Parties.


Games include:

*"Tag the name on the photo" (sort of like Pin the Tail...)
*"Guess my Status"
*"Poke your Friends" (with toothpicks and straws)
*There are "Group" games also, of course
*Party food is served on a table covered in newspaper and a little sign above reads "News Feed"
*On the bathroom another little sign reads "Download" ;-)
*And on and onů

A Facebook theme party is not a joke! It's beginning to happen. I've run into a handful of real documented FB theme parties. But it seems to be so creative and fun, that I'm convinced it'll become a popular theme party for teens, adults and kids under 13 who've faked their date of birth :-)

On our Facebook Fan page: (please "Like"), I've begun a compilation of some of the coolest, wackiest and most amusing ideas for a Facebook theme party.

Here's a direct link to this growing compilation and your ideas are most welcome:


We've just announced the 2011 Coolest Kid Party Ideas Contest. Grand prize is an iPad 2 or $500 Cash!

Check out the contest details here (under the "Contests" tab):

See you soon,


P.S., We've got 144,842 subscribers to this newsletter! Please help us turn that into 144,842 Facebook "Likes". Thanks for taking the time to join us and help us spread the word. We hope you've enjoyed all of our free printables, party ideas, birthday cakes and homemade costume ideas.

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