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Are the Kids Driving You Crazy, Too?! --> Partyology 42
August 04, 2011

Are the Kids Driving You Crazy, Too?!

Partyology Issue #42
August 4th, 2011
Subscribers: 144,457
Facebook "Likes": 10,313


It’s Elad from

It’s summer vacation, all three of my girls are home, and at this very moment they’re driving me crazy!!! So, I’ve taken refuge in my home office under the pretext that I need to get some work done. And here I am, enjoying a few moments of tranquility, and writing you this newsletter. You can be sure it’ll be a short edition as I don’t have a lock on my office door and the girls have never really grasped the concept of their Dad actually “working” from home ;-)

In March I opened our page to create a place for us homemakers to connect and share inspiring homemade cake, costume and party ideas. I’m so excited because we just surpassed 10,000 (!!) “Likes”.

For us, a small, home-based, home-made Website – 10,000 Likes is one heck of a milestone. On our Facebook page I’ve met so many new folks that visit our site and it’s so fun to be able to actually connect with our visitors face-to-face. And, you won’t believe the amount of cool homemade ideas that are being shared daily on our page. It’s awesome!

So, if you haven’t yet joined our Facebook “Likes”, then please take a moment to “Like” us and help us spread the word about this awesome space for homemakers to share homemade ideas. Homemade is the best!

Like us here:

My grace period is almost up, the girls are scratching at my door (and at each other ;-), so I’ll make this one last very important announcement regarding our annual “Party Tales” Contest (kid birthday party ideas contest). The contest ends in just ten days - deadline is on Monday, August 15th. We’re giving away our biggest cash prize to date - $500 Grand Prize and there’ll also be some other cool cash prizes. We only give away cash prizes.

If you’ve ever thrown a cool kid’s theme party, even if it was years ago, please do enter the contest. Your ideas are timeless and can inspire others to give it a shot themselves. And, of course, you can win a cool cash prize.

Enter the contest here:

If you need a good excuse to get away from the kids (and even if you don’t), you can write up your coolest “Party Tale” submission, and tell everyone you’re “working” :-)

, It’s really great to have you as one of our subscribers and hopefully also one of our FB “Likers”.

I hope to meet you soon on our Facebook page.

All the Best,


P.S. A Moment of truth - It took me a good six-seven hours to write this short newsletter edition. Why? Because the girls kept "checking up" on me to make sure I wasn't working too hard. But it's fun to be able to be at home with them, even if there are moments. And, I really love my new home office from where I run our sites. Here's a peek into our "Coolest Parties" Headquarters ;-)

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