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Our Website Just Gave Birth!
February 13, 2013

"Our Website Just Gave Birth!"


It's Elad from Coolest Parties.

I'm excited to announce that after nine long months, our website just gave birth to a healthy, super-cute, 45 Kilobyte mascot named Curly Z. Coolest. Website and baby are doing well. I'll share with you Curly's first baby album in just a sec.

To celebrate this eventful occasion, we've just cracked the Champagne on one of our coolest contests ever - the "2013 Coolest Birthday Cake Contest" with $500 in cash prizes!

This is a really special contest for special people who love to design and decorate cakes. Beginners and pros alike. Anyone can win. And if you're not into making birthday cakes yourself, you're sure to know a talented someone who should be submitting their cakes to this contest and should be getting the recognition they deserve for all that hard work. So let them know.

Here's the Contest Submission Form:

, I can't wait to see your cakes (and those of your friends). The more cakes, the merrier. Everything on our idea-filled sites is provided absolutely free and we can use every bit of your support in helping us promote our contests. And besides, now with a baby Mascot to provide for, we'll need all the help we can get ;-)

Wishing you the very best,

Elad, Curly and the “Coolest” Gang

P.S. Oops, I almost forgot, here are a few snapshots of our sweet little Curly Z. Coolest…

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