Coolest Kid Birthday Parties

Benefit Party Ideas - "PArtY it Forward"

The Dilemma:
"Gift Overdose"

A party isn't much of a party if there aren't a few wrapped birthday presents waiting to be torn apart. There's nothing like getting gifts on your Birthday!

However... if you have a mountain of gifts waiting to be opened, after tearing the first few, "gift overdose" usually kicks in. And with so many gifts at once, it's not that special anymore.

It often seems like those who manufacture and sell the toys and gifts are the ones who actually profit most from the whole tradition of gift-giving. Usually, most gifts just find their way into a junk box or the garbage. And thus, instead of bringing a never-to-be-forgotten gift, we find ourselves supporting the earnings of some made-in-Taiwan toy company.

What a shame. And what a waste of our hard-earned money.

Our Proposed Solution:
A Benefit Party

Gift-giving will always be a part of the birthday tradition, but... if you're up for the challenge, and you're willing to forsake a few Taiwanese action figures, throw a party and ask your guests not to bring gifts. Instead, throw a benefit party and ask them to help you support a charitable cause.

It's a win-win situation.

You throw a cool benefit party, everyone has an unforgettable time, and your charity of choice receives much-needed support.

PArtY it Forward.

It's not an easy concept to fathom - especially for children - but it's sure worth a shot, at least once in your life. You can always find a way to compensate for a mountain of gifts with a super-cool party, one big and useful gift maybe, or any other creative way you come up with.

Our Proposition

If you "PArtY it Forward" and throw a Benefit Party, just send us the story with pictures and everything else you find important (like in the stories below). We'll feature it on our network of party sites and help you to continue the support for your favorite charitable cause - way after the party has ended.

The Inspiration

The following Benefit Party stories will provide you with all the inspiration you need in order to give this undertaking a shot.

Medieval Benefit Party Medieval Benefit Party: A 5-year old boy asks his party guests not to bring gifts and instead donate to a local chidren's hospital. He raises over $1200 and still has one of the coolest parties ever, as you'll soon see and read...


Candyland Benefit Party Candyland Benefit Birthday: A 6-year old girl asks her guests to help her in supporting a local Center for Cancer services. She has the coolest-ever Candyland party, while raising over $600...


Clifford birthday parties Clifford Benefit Birthday: Robin decides to throw a Clifford benefit party for her two-year-old Zac and asks the guest to bring Dog gifts to donate to a local no-kill animal rescue center...


Make a Wish Benefit birthday parties Make a Wish Benefit Birthday: 7-year old Mady from Florida asks her guests to help her fulfill a "Make a Wish" for a little girl or boy. Instead of gifts the guests raise over $300 for this wonderful cause...


These benefit party stories were submitted by people who really want to make a difference. And it's an honor for us to feature them on our network of party sites and pay it forward.

Actually... PArtY it Forward.

Use this form to submit your own "PArtY it Forward" story.