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Hummer Birthday Cake Picture
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Tank Birthday Cake
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Hummer Birthday Cake picture submitted by:

Karen M.

Hummer Birthday Cake Picture


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Tank Birthday Cake picture submitted by:

Fort Lewis, WA

Tank Birthday Cake

To make this tank birthday cake for my 5 year old son's birthday, I first I got two 9x13 pans to make the two layers of the cake. Then I used a 3x9 pan to make the top of the tank.

I stacked the two long pieces on top of one another and then set the small piece on top 2 inches from the center of the cake so it would look like the top of a tank.

Then I got black, green & brown food coloring for the camouflage. I used 3 cans of vanilla icing and put each in a separate bowl. I then put the green, brown & the black food coloring in each of the bowls. I mixed the food coloring until it got to the color I wanted.

I then took a butter knife and took turns with the colors to ice the cake. Then I got "little debbie's" chocolate marshmallow cookies and used them as the wheels for the tank. I put four on each side. Then I put the black icing around all the tires to make it look like real tires.

About 2 hours before the party I stacked the cakes and started mixing the icing colors. It took about 35 minutes to ice the cake with an accurate amount of each color. Then it took me about 30 minutes to add the straw, wheels, and foil tracks.


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