Coolest Kid Birthday Parties

The Ultimate Bubble Recipe for Monster-Sized Bubbles

Without a good bubble recipe, the bubbles will be popping before they ever leave the bubble wand.

And, as we all know, bubble-blowing is one of the coolest kid birthday party activities, regardless of which theme you choose.

During the icebreaker activities, you can have the kids create humungous bubbles will all sorts of bubble-making tools. You can hand out bubble bottles as favors. You can even come up with a few cool bubble games for game time. Bubbles also provide for excellent photo opportunities! The secret bubble recipe ingredient for humungous bubbles is. Glycerin.

You can get Glycerin at almost any pharmacy. Mix one party Joy or Dawn dishwashing liquid with 10 parts distilled water and ¼ part Glycerin, let the mixture set overnight, and you're all set to make Monster-sized bubbles. Here are a few more bubble recipe ideas to experiment with.

As for bubble-making devices, there's one hiding in many of the objects lying around your house. Some ideas are: string formed into a loop, a hanger bent into any shape, a tin can with both ends cut off, a straw, a piece of tubing, the plastic holder from a six-pack of soda, cookie cutters, you get the idea.

And finally, here are a few cool ideas for bubble games. Ready, steady, blow.