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Treasure Chest cake decorating ideas submitted by:

Beverly B.
Helotes, TX

Treasure Chest Cake

We had a pirate party for my son's 4th birthday. I made some really cute treasure chest invitations and wanted a cake with the same theme. I thought "how hard could it be to make a treasure chest cake?" It was a lot of work but it turned out great and got tons of compliments!

The cake was made with 7" x 11" pans (it was 3 cakes stacked on top of each other). The back of the cake was a piece of cardboard which I decorated with icing. To get the cardboard to stick to the cake, I had to stick long wooden skewers through the cardboard and into the cake. Also, I put a lot of icing on the bottom of the cardboard to help it stick to the cake better as well.

The back of the cardboard can be decorated with pretty gold wrapping paper to cover where the skewers were stuck. The rest of the cake was pretty easy to decorate. I just used yellow icing for the top of the cake and chocolate on the rest.

I put M&Ms on top of the trunk because I wanted to put some gold coins and other pirate treasures on the cake and didn't want it to stick to the icing. The M&Ms helped the other goodies not to stick to the icing and the kids loved eating them!!

I have one tip to give: After you decorate the cardboard piece with the icing and Happy Birthday writing... I'd advise you to not actually stick it to the cake until a few hours before the party. I made my son's cake the night before his party and by the morning the icing had started to slide down. It wasn't terrible but I did have to fix it up a bit.

The cake I used was just the standard chocolate cake recipe that you can find in any Betty Crocker cookbook. For the icing, I actually just bought the white and chocolate icing from the grocery store and colored the white icing yellow. I like the store icing because it tends to be more stiff and stays put.

This cake probably took me 2 hours to decorate. It also took a little more time to find the right piece of cardboard and the other goodies to go on top of the cake. However, it wasn't that hard to do and my son completely loved the cake and so did everyone else! I'll probably use this cake again someday for my younger son.

Hope you enjoy these treasure chest cake decorating ideas.

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Treasure Chest cake decorating ideas submitted by:

Christina S.
Cape Coral, Florida

Treasure Chest Cake

Ahoy Mateys,

Our cake was for a Pirate's party. We got the treasure box cake idea from a magazine but I wanted to do a cake that is easy to prepare.

The treasure box cake is made from a regular cake mix (we took vanilla).

I used a pound cake baking pan and baked it for 45 minutes.

After cooling loosen the sides and remove the cake from the pan. Cut a lid with a sharp knife and fill the cake with candy necklaces. Add water in teaspoon amounts to powder sugar and cover the cake. The jewels are Skittles, furthermore I used yellow icing from a tube for the top. I found a package of coins for about $2 for 144 pieces (not eadable but a great decoration). Around the cake is powder sugar with coins and some golden-wrapped Rollo. The cake was a really big treasure.

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Jewelry Box cake decorating ideas submitted by:

Lara R.
Winnipeg, MB. Canada

Jewelry Box Cake

I found a picture of a jewelry box and printed it off to the size I needed. Then I cut out the picture, placed it on the cake, and carved around it. This gave me the shape of the image. Then I iced the cake using buttercream icing.

Once all the background was done I used a #5 tip and drew in the jewelry with white icing.

I left the pearls off-white, but coated the earrings and chain with gold powder (the powder is 24 carat, and is available at cake decorating specialty stores). Finally, I added the watch, using a #5 tip for the brown and a #3 tip for the details.

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