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Hamburger Cake
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Hamburger cake submitted by:

Sandra W.
Arlington, VA

Hamburger Cake

I found the recipe for this cake design by doing a search on Google for "hamburger cake".

My niece's birthday theme was a backyard Bar-B-Que and this was perfect. The hamburger gets its realism from crushed cookies pressed into the chocolate icing. The cakes are pound cakes so that they will hold a more solid looking shape. The top bun was cooked in a rounded casserole.

It was my idea to add the fries which were made from sugar cookies cut into long strips before baking. The ketchup is frosting of course. It was a big hit!

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Hamburger Cake

Hamburger cake design idea submitted by:

Julie N.
Hamilton, IN

Hamburger Cake

This cheeseburger cake was done with 2 mixes in 3 layers.  Tinting the frosting the right color for the bun and the cheese was the hardest part.

Frost the bottom layer in 'bun-colored' frosting and add lettuce and tomato slices.  Lettuce is made with tinted candy melts poured to the desired shape on waxed paper. Tomato slices are also done with candy melts and may be done in small flexible containers such as empty margarine tubs.

Add the burger frosted with chocolate frosting.  Top the burger with cheese.  Cheese was done by frosting graham crackers with orange-tinted frosting.  Ketchup and mustard may be applied, if desired.  Decorator tubes work well for this.

Add the top bun and add sesame seeds if desired.  Seeds may be slivered almonds, shredded coconut pieces, shredded white chocolate or anything else that comes to mind.  If you like lots of frosting, you can always add a big pickle to the plate made with deep green frosting.  Use a toothpick to dimple the pickle here and there.  Enjoy

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Hamburger cake design idea submitted by:

Sherri P.
Havre de Grace, MD

Hamburger Cake

When my daughter was little she called cheeseburgers burgercheeses so for her 14th birthday I made this burgercheese cake with french fries.

This cake design was made with 3 round cake pans and one square pan. I cut out the fries and stacked the burger iced with Wilton colors.

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