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Fire Truck cake pictures and tips submitted by:

Sue H.
San Ramon, CA

Fire Truck Cake Photo

This cake was really easy to prepare!

Using large loaf tins I baked two chocolate cakes. For this cake I used a Hershey's chocolate cake recipe from their site. I placed the two loaf cakes end to end to form the body of the truck (cut off a couple of inches).

For the front of the truck I bought a prepared Sara Lee frozen cake and placed it long side up and sculpted it as needed. An important tip for the success of this cake is to elevate the loaf cakes so that the tires look okay. I used stacks of graham crackers glued together with extra icing as can be seen in the cake pictures.

The tires are just Oreo's cookies and the hoses in the back are separated Oreo's with licorice ropes glued in with icing. I got this idea from a magazine but wanted to improve the look so I purchased the plastic fireman for the back of the truck and used the licorice rope for hoses.

Any assortment of square and round candy will be suitable for the knobs on the side of the cake. The ladders are made of pretzel sticks glued together with melted chocolate.

The fun thing about this cake is there are so many different "extras" to eat!

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Fire Truck Cake Pictures

Tractor cake pictures and tips submitted by:

Janie R.
Mansfield, TX

Tractor Cake Picture

These tractor cake pictures were submitted on behalf of Janye Runyan by her daughter Jennifer. I am submitting this photo on behalf of my mother, Janie Runyan.  She didn't think the cake was good enough to win the contest but the rest of us begged to differ.  

She used a Wilton cake pan. After she made the cake she poured colored chocolate in the mold to make the body of the tractor.  She then made a second cake for the trailer and topped part of it with toasted coconut to give the appearance of hay on the trailer.

This was a great theme child birthday cake for a party at a local petting farm.

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Tractor Cake Picture

Boat cake pictures and tips submitted by:

Sally B.
Denver, CO

Boat Cake Picture

My Mother-In-Law made this awesome cake for my son's 1st Birthday Sailboat Party and I am submitting these cake pictures.

This is an idea that was modified from the Creative Cooks cookbook. She used a knife to cut the cake in the shape of a boat after it was baked, placed it on a cardboard sheet and frosted the sheet and bottom of cake with a frosting tip. She made blue waves that also "splash" on the side of the boat.

The sails, flags, and anchor are frosted sugar cookies. To save time (and make it much easier!) the sails can be made out of waxed paper and the flags out of fruit roll-ups. The flags were "glued" with frosting to strings of red licorice. Although you can't see it in this photo, a candycane (with the curve removed) is used for the mast between the sails.

Final touches to the sailboat include peppermint lifesavers on the side of the boat, red licorice looped through the anchor, and "S.S. Isaac" (the name of my son) written on the side of the boat to personalize the cake.

This cake was a big hit at my son's first birthday party!

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Car cake pictures and tips submitted by:

Jennifer C.
Phoenix, AZ

Car Cake Picture

The party theme was transportation. The invitations were done by hand and were exact replica's of the cake. I came up with the idea on my own.

Once I had the idea for the theme for the party, I traced a picture of the car. I then took it to a copy store and had them blow it up as large as I wanted the cake to be. I then made 3 cakes that were baked in 9x13 Pyrex pans.

Once cooled I took the cakes out of the pans and placed them on top of a board that was covered with coordinating wrapping paper. Once all 3 cakes were on, I placed the blown up drawing on top and began to cut all around the cake. Once the cake was cut to size I put the extra pieces aside for people to nibble on.

I then started to cut my template little by little, frosting everything color by color, like a paint by number. I used more frosting when I had variance's in the height of the cakes.

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Plane cake pictures and tips submitted by:

Onishchenko V.
Bucharest, Romania

Plane Cake Picture

A cake to play with! The whole scenery of the airport activity turned the birthday cake ceremony into an exciting board game for all the little ones who gathered around the table. It was a little bit hard for them, though, having to take apart the flying machine in order to try it out.

Nevertheless, Alen (3) had a great time being one of the ones giving away the parts of the airplane.

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Jeep cake pictures and tips submitted by:

Jessica C.
College Station, TX

Jeep Cake Picture

I was looking for cake pictures and this idea came from Family Fun Magazine but I changed it a little. This cake was made for my son for his fourth birthday Australian Outback party. It was made using boxed cake mix and two loaf pans.

One whole loaf pan was used for the bottom of the jeep and one cut in half for the top. I made green icing for most of the body of the jeep. I lined the jeep with sour licorice and used chocolate doughnuts for tires. All decorations, except for the alligator on the back were edible candies.

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Semi Truck cake pictures and tips submitted by:


Semi Truck Cake Picture

This cake was made out of a loaf pan and cut / trimmed to look like the front of a truck. Small Oreo's were used as the wheels, toothpicks were covered with frosting to look like smokestacks.

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