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Pooh child birthday cake created by:

Anne-Marie B.
Northampton, England

Pooh Cake

I made a 6 egg vanilla Victoria sponge and mixed through white and milk chocolate buttons. I chose a Victoria sponge because I thought it would be easier to cut as it's not so crumbly. I left the cake overnight to settle.

I drew a picture of Winnie the Pooh and cut around the cake using the picture as a template. I then covered the top and sides of the cake with butter cream.

I bought ready-to-roll coloured icing and using the picture I drew and cut out the different sections of Pooh bear. Then I covered the sides of the cake with sprinkles and using black food colouring paste, painted free hand the detail of his face, arms, legs etc.

I stuck the candle in a little hill made of green icing as I didn't want to damage my work!

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Eyore child birthday cake created by:

Lara R.
Winnipeg, MB. Canada

Eyore Cake

This is a cupcake cake. I just found a picture and placed it on the cupcakes. Then I iced over them all as one unit.

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Pooh child birthday cake created by:

Linda L.
Mississauga, ON

Pooh Cake

This cake was made with the help of a Pooh Wilton Cake Pan. It's an awesome cake pan and really easy to use.

I followed the instructions that came with the pan and a really decent birthday cake turned out for my son.  I used special icing bags and tips to decorate it (and it was my first time attempting to decorate a cake.)

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