My two year old son loves M&Ms so we decided to have an M&M themed birthday party. I wanted to keep it simple but cute and colorful. After deciding on this theme, I went online to see what M&M themed birthday items I could find. I found almost nothing. So, my creative mind kicked in.

Invitation: I made my own invitations. I used cardstock paper and designed an M&M background. I printed out the words “Cupcakes, Ice Cream, and Candy Treats. We’re Celebrating the Birthday of a Boy so Sweet!” on a white square and attached it with red ribbon. Below the words was a picture of my two year old. I requested on the bottom of the invite for guests to wear their favorite M&M color to the party.

Original M&M Party Decoration Ideas

I purchased dessert plates in all the M&M colors. I used my computer to print out 40 M’s in the M&M font and glued them to the plate. Yes, I printed and cut out all 40 of them! I glued several of them to dowels rods and stuck them along side our drive way so that guests could see them as they drove up to our house. I also stuck some in our bushes and an urn that sat beside the entrance door.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

The focal point of the party was the cake table. It was so cute and colorful – perfect for a two year old! I made my own two-tiered chocolate cake with white butter cream icing. I made detailed M&M characters and small circles that looked like real M&M’s all in fondant. The cake was the best part of the table! It was my first try at a birthday cake and I was very proud of it.

I also made cupcakes with bright yellow icing and placed some fondant M&M’s on them and placed them around the table. I wrapped the plastic ware in primary colored napkins and tied them with curly ribbon. I had two large glass vases filled with M&M’s on this table.

I cut out the letters of Rowen’s name in the M&M font and pasted them on primary colored circles. The letters were glued to dowel rods and I stuck in a box which sat behind the cake. Lastly, I included a big picture of my little boy in his M&M t-shirt.

The wall above the cake was decorated with an arch of crepe paper with balloons on each end. I taped my M&M plates all around the crepe paper to make a fun, colorful scene! On the opposite wall, I hung a brown crib sheet (to look like the brown M&M bag) and glued the M&M plates around so that it looked like M&M’s were spilling out of the bag. It looked very cute!

Each of the guest tables had their own primary color. I placed a bunch of the same colored balloons on the table along with some real M&M’s sprinkled on the tables. I also decorated a table especially for the kids adorned with cone hats, and mini M&M bags.

Games: I was at a loss for game ideas (since most the of kids were toddlers). My son’s birthday was on Halloween so we went on a hayride. I used the M&M’s on plates and hid them around the area where we took our hayride. I asked the kids if they could help me find my missing M&M’s and tell me what color they were. They had a blast! I hid some in the corn field, wooded area, trees, etc.

All the guests loved simple creativity that came with using M&M’s as a birthday theme. It seemed very fitting for a two year old party!