The coolest Safari theme 7th birthday party was held at our church in the Fellowship Hall.

Safari and Jungle Party Decoration Ideas

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

The cave was made from two cardboard boxes, covered with brown mailing paper that we crumpled up and then flattened out over the cave. We covered that with ivy and flowers that we had at home left from decorating for weddings, etc. All of the plants came from our homes.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

If you look closely you will see the tiny spiders, scorpions, bugs and snakes that are covering the cave. We also dropped moss on top of the cave. It was a very inexpensive and easy project that was a big hit.

We purchased chalk for the kids to write on the walls of the cave, they loved that. The kids had a great time in the cave.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

We also created a waterfall decoration by covering small tables and the floor with a big blue plastic cover.

We were very happy with the turnout and most importantly the Birthday Girl had tons of fun!!!