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Boy, Can She Decorate Cakes

Dawn G. proved that she can decorate cakes as good as (and even better than) many of the cake decorating Pros!

Dawn, from Buffalo Grove, IL, submitted four cakes to the first ever "Coolest Cakes Contest" and won the Grand Prize - a $125 Gift Certificate at Amazon - for her Jello Pool cake (view all her cakes below).

Dawn and Family:

Dawn and Family...


Dawn's Cake Gallery

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Teddy Bears in Jello Pool
Jello Pool
Finding Nemo Cake
Finding Nemo
Cookie Monster Cake Picture
Cookie Monster
  Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Cake
Thomas the Train


Jello Pool:
(Grand Prize Winner - Cake Contest, July 2004):

Teddy Bears in Jello Pool

I got this cake idea from a cake magazine and also the internet.

I decorated the teddy grams as swimmers, snorkelers, and mermaids. I made a two layer cake and cut the top layer apx. 3/4 of an inch deep and poured in blue jello, that was setting (about the consistency of runny pudding). I put crushed graham crackers around the cake for sand.

Making this cake was s a bit time consuming, but was worth it when I saw all of the kids faces.

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Finding Nemo Cake:

Finding Nemo Cake

(This is a great example of how to decorate cakes using a cake pan that originally had an entirely different purpose.)

For this Finding Nemo cake, I used a Football / Finding Nemo Cake Pan and then outlined the rest of the tail and the head on the cake board.

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Cookie Monster Cake:

Cookie Monster Cake Picture

I made this cake for my son's first Birthday. His first word was Cookie, for Cookie Monster.

I had a very hard time finding this cake pan, since it was a Wilton Cake from the early 70's. After many online searches I found the pan.

It's not that hard to decorate cakes like this one, but I did need to learn how to use the frosting tip to make hair. This was the first character cake that I ever made.

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Thomas the Train Cake:

Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Cake

I used a Wilton pan and then put it on a sheet cake and decorated it with balloons. My son LOVES Thomas!

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