This coolest Spongebob party was for my grandson who turned 3. We had a friend of the family become a clown who blew up balloon animals then later was Spongebob, he was the best! He had all the kids dancing!

My shy grandson who now is 4 (and soon to be 5) is still talking about the party, he loved it. They had a stage for the kids to get up and dance on… this shy boy was taking kids by the hands to come up and dance with him.

The party was at Hamburger Paradise. Kids that were not part of his party asked to join in, it was the best! It brought tears to my eyes to see how happy I made him and it was all done on a budget. I’m sorry to say the only thing that was handmade was the candy bags, the Spongebob and the clown.

Not too sure if I qualify but had to tell my story because the year before was very hard times for us… I’m hoping on making him as happy this year as I did that year. Not sure what to do, so I’m so thankful for what your doing, times are really hard.