Dora birthday party ideas and photos by: Rebecca from Melbourne

I was determined to host a Dora birthday party that people would talk about for ages and I achieved it. A few months before my daughter Zara’s 2nd birthday I decided to have a Dora the Explorer adventure at our home. Anyone in Australia that has a Dora obsessed child will have learnt by now how hard it is to find Dora partyware. I ordered a large majority off eBay or made things myself.

Firstly I handmade all the invitations for 20 kids aged 1-8 like a map complete with ‘weathered’ look around the edges and a picture of the map and Dora. I planned out a party agenda, setting up our backyard in stages according to scenes in the stories. On the day of the Dora birthday I shut the yard off completely inviting the kids and parents inside where on arrival the kids were given party bags containing a whistle, balloon and ‘telescope’ (toilet rolls I had been saving for months!!) (NOTE: no lollies) wrapped in yellow tissue paper) and stickers to decorate them. Then they all crowded into the lounge to play pass the backpack to Dora’s fiesta music (I purchased Dora’s actual backpack from big W) where everyone got a prize.

They were all told that it was food time and that they had to wash their hands and whilst all 20 kids ran to the bathroom ‘Swiper’ stole the star piñata! I put a blown up picture of Swiper in its place and played the Swiper music to set the scene. My little daughter was a classic running round pointing her finger angrily as if he was going to jump out somewhere saying ‘No! Ohhhh man!!!’I told them all that they would have to help Dora on her adventure to find the piñata, fill their party bags with treats and find their name star on the way. I opened the backdoor up to reveal the yard and the parents jaws dropped (I love this bit!) as they saw the ball pit full of balloons and lollies, a big ‘lake’ (blue tarp) with stuffed sea animals on it and chocolate bars and a jumping castle decorated like a jungle scattered with lollies.

The kids all squealed and no one had to tell them what they needed to do!! Parents help them find their stars and fill their bags and they had a great play then I lead them into our porch where there was a white bear ‘asleep’ on the wood box. I asked them what was in their bags that would help them and they pulled out their whistles to wake the bear up and put their stars next to him to tell him who was there. In the box was the piñata and they all clapped and cheered!

For food at the Dora birthday party I had made a 3 tiered Dora cake using Tico’s car as the top layer inspiration (I used a Dora bath time figure for the driver), the 2nd layer was ‘grass’ green buttercream complete with spearmint leaf border and the bottom layer was red, purple and orange stripes a la Dora’s theme colours.

I purchased cupcake heads off eBay for the little cupcakes and made classics such as fairy bread party pies etc. The prizes were all Dora themed bought off eBay or from our local supermarket such as Boots wall walker, pencil cases, pencils, bracelets and so much more.

The birthday girl was dressed in head to toe Dora outfit and was covered in chocolate dirt and cake at the end of the day but it was all worth it to see the kids have so much fun.

Dora birthday Party