Coolest Kid Birthday Parties

Coolest Birthday Party Icebreaker Ideas

Icebreaker activities are one of the most important parts of the party. Plan well, get the guests all warmed up to the party atmosphere, and it'll bring to the success of your party.

You can separate ice breakers into two stages - crafts and games.

When the guests begin to arrive, you'll want to keep them busy until others arrive. During this stage, craft stations are an excellent primer.

What crafts you choose depends on the age, of course, but for younger ones coloring, play-do, bubbles, stickers, etc., are sure winners. As the kids get older, you can offer a bit more diversity, such as painting pottery, henna tattoos, paper airplanes, etc. You should not need more than four stations.

Once the guests have arrived, you'll want to get started with the games section of the party. If some of the kids don't know one another, the first few games you choose will help break the ice. Some ideas can include partner games where kids team up with someone they don't know, or circle games in which kids sit beside each other and need to interact.

Which ice breaker games are best?

There are so many! Some of my favorites include the classics: Toilet wrap, Who am I?, Hot Potato, Duck-Duck-Goose, Simon Says, Musical Chairs, and on and on.. In every theme on our site we've listed ideas for both icebreaker crafts and games that fit each specific theme. You're bound to find something that'll suit your specific needs.

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