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Teddy Bears in Jello Pool
Jello Pool 01
Yellow Submarine & Jello cake
Jello Submarine 01


Combination cake and Jello recipe submitted by:

Dawn G.
Buffalo Grove, IL

Teddy Bears in Jello Pool

I got this cake idea from a cake magazine and also the internet.

I decorated the teddy grams as swimmers, snorkelers, and mermaids. I made a two layer cake and cut the top layer apx. 3/4 of an inch deep and poured in blue jello, that was setting (about the consistency of runny pudding). I put crushed graham crackers around the cake for sand.

The cake was a bit time consuming, but was worth it when I saw all of the kids faces.

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Yellow Submarine submitted by:

Allison L.
Doha, Qatar

(This Yellow Submarine & Jello cake is one of the most original cake ideas I've seen. How about we just call it a "Jello Submarine"... ;-)

Yellow Submarine & Jello cake

My son who is turning three requested a Yellow Submarine party. What a challenge! (We are coaching him so that he will request a more traditional theme for #4.)

For the Yellow Submarine & Jello cake, I baked a triple batch of white cake (easier to frost with a light color) in a HUGE round pan meant for baking our Thanksgiving turkey. I used a pattern I made on butcher paper where the sub was in three parts, fin, body and periscope, and I cut these parts out of the cooled cake.

I put the pieces (and some leftovers for patching) in the freezer for a day or so. THIS IS IMPORTANT! You get no little cake pills in the frosting, and the room temperature frosting chills and stiffens on the cake as you go.

I frosted the cake yellow on the morning of the party and decorated it with candy from a candy stall. Licorice is hard to manipulate, but cutting it lengthwise into skinny strips and microwaving it for a few seconds makes it easier.

I placed the cake on a piece of tin foil on the white cake board (a shelf from the closet), and put chunks of blue jello around the cake to look like water - the tin foil underneath really makes this Yellow Submarine & Jello cake sparkle!

It was a fun party after all because of its unusual theme and funky cake!

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