Coolest Kid Birthday Parties

Looking for an Original Party Theme? Look "BACKWARDS"!

The Backwards party theme is one of the wackiest parties around. It's unusual. It's original. And it'll add a fresh touch to the weekend-after-weekend birthday party circuit.

On a day to day basis, kids are used to hearing: "When you finish your food you'll get your desert".

At a backwards party they'll be completely thrown off balance when you tell them: "When you finish your desert you'll get your food." And if you serve the food underneath the table on upside-down plates that'll blow them away even more!

If you think about it, anything the kids are used to doing or seeing can be turned upside down and inside out. For instance, send thank you notes as invitations with the info written backwards so they need to use a mirror? Or have them play Pin the Donkey on the Tail and the child who wins is the one who is the farthest in getting it right. Anything goes with this party theme and the options are endless!

You can even add a backwards motive to any other theme just to spruce it up and let the kids do something completely unexpected.

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