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Lynelle from Durango, CO


My daughter was turning 5 and since she loves to help me cook, she naturally loved the movie, Ratatouille. We chose to have that be the theme. The invitations I did on the computer and instead of asking them to RSVP I asked the "reservations be made" by a certain date. On our front door we placed a sign that stated "Café Caldwell" was Open.


Harry Potter Party


As each child arrived they were given a chef's hat and apron. We had a table of permanent markers so each child could make his or her Apron their own. Once the aprons were done we had a build your own hot dog bar where the kids could create their own dog. I was surprised the number that went with more than plain ketchup.


Harry Potter Party


Once lunch was out of the way we played musical chairs using music from the movie and Pin the Hat on Linguine. I printed out a picture from the Disney clip art site and cut his hat off. I had it blown up to 11x14 size as well as the hats and played the same as you would pin the tail on a donkey. Next we had cupcakes baked but not frosted and the kids got to ice & decorate them with all the sprinkles candy or colors I could find. They were so cute and all wanted to do more than just one for them we had 10 kids and they did 24 cupcakes. I did the cake like a big wedge of cheese and put Remy & his brother on top with her 5 candles. I used take-out lunch boxes as favor boxes filled with goodies.

Everyone that attended had a wonderful time and the kids all had more than just the favor boxes they had the hats & aprons as well.



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