Coolest Nature Scavenger Hunts

Nature scavenger hunts are really fun and can be very educational as well! Check out these nature scavenger hunt invitations you can print out and send to each guest: Worded Nature Scavenger Hunt Invitations Blank Nature Scavenger Hunts Invitations   When starting with the scavenger hunt, divide everyone into teams and give each team a … Read more

Coolest Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas

Say “Aloha” to this great Hawaiian Luau party, always a fun-filled and colorful birthday blast!! First off, to set your cool luau scene, check out these great Luau theme party supply packs: Hula Party Supplies at Birthday in a Box Hula Honey Party Supplies at Shindigz Luau Party Supplies at Amazon   Hawaiian Luau Invitations … Read more

Coolest Kids Birthday Party Ideas for a Circus Theme Birthday

Get ready for the Greatest Show on Earth with these cool circus and carnival kids birthday party ideas. Circus Party Supplies at Birthday in a Box Carnival Party Supplies at Shindigz Circus Party Supplies at Amazon Circus Invitations The invitations can be ‘Admit One’ tickets to your circus. You can cut them out of red … Read more

Coolest Ideas for Celebrity Star Kids Birthday Parties

Get ready for one of the most glamorous kids birthday parties around! Strike a pose and start walking on that red carpet, because it’s time for a Celebrity Star birthday party! Hollywood Party Supplies at Birthday in a Box Hollywood Theme Party Supplies at Shindigz Hollywood Party Supplies at Amazon You’ll find many of the … Read more

Coolest Kid Party Ideas for a Spongebob Theme Birthday

The SpongeBob theme has some of the wackiest kid party ideas, so let’s party with the funniest sea creature and his underwater pals. You’re all sure to soak up some SpongeBob fun! First off, there’s a huge selection of SpongeBob party supplies and party packs. But don’t worry. You won’t need to browse around forever … Read more

Coolest Soccer Kid Birthdays Party Ideas

This Soccer party page is a supplement to the General Sports kid birthdays section where you’ll find lots of the coolest basic sports-related birthday party ideas. A great place to have this party is at a local park where you can have the kids exert lots of their energy running around chasing soccer balls… To … Read more

Coolest Kid Birthday Party Idea for an Incredibles Theme Birthday

On this page you’ll find cool “Incredibles” kid birthday party ideas. (You should also check out the Superhero theme where you’ll find lots more party ideas that fit this theme…) Start off by comparing these cool Incredibles party supplies: Incredibles Party Supplies at Birthday in a Box Incredibles Party Supplies at Shindigz Incredibles Party Supplies … Read more

Coolest Free Scavenger Hunt Ideas

You’ll find lots of free scavenger hunt ideas right here on this page! First off, don’t get confused between Treasure Hunts and Scavenger Hunts. Treasure hunts involve following a set of clues that lead you to a treasure. Scavenger hunts involve two or more teams, each with a list of tasks the team members need … Read more

Coolest Free Mystery Party Sample Story

This free mystery party sample story is a small part of our whole Mystery Party theme. Make sure to check it out for lots of free printables and loads of free mystery party ideas. We’ve created a Mystery party sample story for you to get an idea of how to set up such a party. … Read more

Coolest Ideas for Unforgettable First Birthday Parties

First birthday parties are lots of fun to arrange, especially because it’s a party for yourself even more than it is for your baby. Below are general ideas that don’t belong to a specific theme. They can be used to create a self-standing general theme or in conjunction with any of the themes listed in … Read more

Coolest Rainbow Theme First Birthday Idea for Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

Just invite Roy G Biv to this cool first birthday idea and you’ve got it made… Who?! Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Violet… ;-) For this fun-filled and colorful first birthday idea, you can mix-and-match solid color plates, napkins, cups, plasticware, etc. You’ll find a bunch of cool rainbow accessories and party items here: Rainbow Party Supplies at Birthday in … Read more

Coolest Finding Nemo and Under the Sea Birthday Party Ideas

You’re guaranteed a WHALE of a time with these cool Finding Nemo birthday party ideas!! First off, there’s an overwhelming selection of Nemo party supplies and party packs. But don’t worry. You won’t need to browse around forever trying to find the best deal. Just compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all … Read more

Coolest Sesame Street and Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

This page is full of the coolest and most original Sesame Street and Elmo birthday party ideas! ‘C’ is for ‘Coolest’, ‘P’ is for ‘Party’, and ‘S’ is for ‘Sesame Street’! First off, there’s a great selection of Sesame Street and Elmo birthday party supplies and party packs. But don’t worry. You won’t need to … Read more

Coolest Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas for a Jurassic Kid Party

A dinosaur birthday party is such a roaring success, it’s popular with kids and so much fun to prepare! No wonder Dinosaurs are one of the most exciting topics taught at school! First off, check out these great Dinosaur birthday party packs and decorations with some really great items, including everything you’ll need to set … Read more

Coolest Child Theme Party Ideas for Your Kid’s Magic Theme Party!

Sit back, scroll down every few moments and you’ll be amazed how this child theme party magically materializes before your eyes… Abracadabra, Open Sesame, Check out these awesome Magic Party Supplies: Magic Birthday Party in a Box Cool Magic Party Supplies   Magic Invitations On the invitation you can write something like: “You have been … Read more

Coolest Blue’s Clues Child Party Idea for an Unforgettable Kid Birthday

Here’s a really cool child party idea that’ll solve the mystery of throwing a Blue’s Clues party. Start of with some great Blues Clues and Dog supplies: Dog Birthday in a Box Supplies Doggy Accessories and Supplies Party Pups Birthday Kit Blue’s Clues Invitations Check out the dog-themed invitations that we’ve created especially for this … Read more

Awesome Ideas for the Coolest Fashion and Makeover Child Parties

Fashion – Makeover child parties are great for kids with a passion for fashion! Below you’ll find lots of great ideas for your fashion theme party. Barbie Birthday in a Box Fashionable Barbie Supplies Fashion Makeover Invitations Here’s a really cute fashion party invitation idea: take a photo of the birthday child dressed up all … Read more