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Coolest Baseball Birthday Theme Parties

This Baseball party page is a supplement to the General Sports birthday theme parties section where you’ll find lots of the coolest basic sports-related birthday party ideas.

A great place to have this party is at a local park where you can have the kids play a game of baseball, softball, T-ball or just catch.

Taking the kids to batting cages or even a Pro or College game is also lots of fun.

Here are a few baseball party packs for you to compare with:

Baseball Games and Activities

Aside from the classic ball games, here are a few more game ideas for baseball birthday theme parties:

Blindfolded Baseball

Draw a baseball field on large poster board and cut out little baseballs out of simple white paper. Blindfold the kids and then have them pin a baseball on the “field.” They get points for different plays, for instance, if they pin their ball near first base they get one point, second base gets two points, home plate gives them four points. You can also have two teams play against each other. Don’t forget to pass out fun baseball horns to get the kids roaring and cheering their friends on.

Baseless Baseball

You first need to designate a throwing line (you can put masking tape on the ground to show it) and decide on targets. Practically anything can be a target: boxes, rocks, cans, bottles, a mark on the ground, etc. (the bigger the target the easier it will be). Each target has a value (the bigger and easier targets are singles, harder ones are doubles, etc.). Divide the group into two teams. The teams take turns throwing at the targets. If the target is hit, the player’s team gets the matching score. If the target is missed, that player’s team is given one out. When the thrower has three outs, the next thrower comes to bat. You can play as many innings as the kids show excitement for and of course you can change targets ever-so-often.

Peanuts, Get your Peanuts

This is a fun and simple game for birthday theme parties. Pair up the kids and give one a baseball cap with shelled peanuts and one an empty cap. The kids have to sit or stand in front of their teammates at a distance. At the blow of a whistle, they kid with the peanuts throws them to his teammate, who needs to catch them with the empty cap only. Make sure the kids have an equal amount of peanuts.

Splash Pitch

Have the kids play a traditional toss game to master their pitching skills. The “catch” is to use water balloons instead of balls.

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Baseball Invitations

The invitations can be made to look like real baseball cards. The front can have a picture of your kid dressed up in a baseball uniform with his/her name below the picture. The back is the invitation. It can say “Hey batter, batter! Help this little slugger hit it outta the park and come celebrate his/her birthday in true baseball style”.

You can use more Baseball lingo for example: “Take me out to Bobby’s Birthday Ball Game. Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks”, “Let the games begin!”, “One, Two, Three strikes and your OUT!”, etc. Address each envelope to “Big Hitter Charlie” (each kid’s first name). You can attach a box of Cracker Jacks to the invite with curling ribbon.

If you are able to deliver the invitations personally you can purchase cheap plastic baseballs (or even baseball bats!) and write all of the information for the party on them with a permanent marker. Then put each in a baseball-themed gift bag and tie with ribbon.

For the thank you notes you can write something like “You made my party a HIT!”


Homemade Baseball Cakes

Check out the cool homemade cakes designed especially for baseball birthday theme parties on coolest-birthday-cakes.com, the Web’s largest gallery of homemade birthday cakes. You’ll find thousands of cakes submitted by visitors like yourself with photos and how-to tips.

For baseball cupcakes (it’s very simple!), frost the tops of the cupcakes with white frosting and with red licorice create the red stitching of a baseball.


Baseball Party Food and Drink

Cover the party table with these inexpensive tissue grass mats to create “grassy” baseball table.

Cool Concession Food Ideas: (make sure to label the foods)

  • Dugout Dogs (hot dogs)
  • Home run Hamburgers
  • No-hit Nachos
  • Catcher Corn Dogs
  • Strike Out Snow Cones
  • Pop Fly Pizza
  • Babe Ruth Candy Bars
  • Big League Chewing Gum
  • Popcorn
  • Peanuts


Baseball Party Favors

You can gather all sorts of baseball trinkets, such as whistles, tattoos, MLB pencils, mini baseballs, squirt bottles, etc.

A great idea is to place the favors inside felt baseball hats for a wonderful gift to take home.