Create a Birthday Time Capsule

The Birthday Time Capsule is a wonderful activity for your kid’s birthday party, especially for a first birthday party.

Prepare all kinds of stationery, envelopes, pens and colored pencils and let the guests write a letter to your child to be opened when they turn a predetermined age!

(Some of the beloved relatives or guests may not even be around when it is to be opened so it can be very special).

You can let the guests know about it in advance so that if they want to, they can write their letter ahead of time and then just bring it and deposit it in the “capsule”.

For the Birthday Time Capsule itself, you can use a large metal can that can be taped shut (large popcorn cans work especially well). Then put a label on it that has your child’s name and reads: “Do not open until year XXXX”. Other items that can be added are magazine and newspaper clippings, photos and information on where you live, where you – the parents – work, what you do for fun, etc, little keepsakes and mementos that belong to your child. For instance, if it’s for a first birthday party, you could put inside the most-used pacifier, a bib, a bottle, a small teddy bear.

Guests can write anything they wish, for example their hopes and dreams for the child’s future, a piece of advice, a small gift. If it’s for an older child, the other kids can draw pictures and write a special note.

Place all of these special things into the Birthday Time Capsule, along with souvenirs from the party – a candle from the birthday cake, streamer, any photos taken at the party. Close up the Time Capsule at the end of the party and keep it in a safe place.

Many years down the road (maybe even during your child’s 18th or 21st birthday party.) the Time Capsule can be opened and the exciting mementos revealed.

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