Star Wars Party Invitation Idea

The invitation was the scene from Empire Strikes Back where Darth Vader welcomes Hans Solo, Princess Leia and Lando Calrissian to dinner. I intended to build the white backdrop completely out of Legos but we didn’t have enough so I used my daughters Playmobil Castle. I did build the table and chairs out of Legos … Read more

Harry Potter Birthday Party Activities

The “students” were “sorted” into one of the 4 houses – Griffindor, Ravenclaw, Slitheren, or Hufflepuff. Each child had the sorting hat placed on her head. Inside the hat was a 2-way radio and my husband in the other room randomly announced one of the house names which broadcast from the hat. Each child received … Read more

Linda’s Avatar The Last Airbender Birthday Party

My 7 year old son wanted an Avatar Last Airbender Birthday Party. The movie had just come out and so there weren’t many ideas out yet. We found a great picture on the internet to use as the invitations and then put our information on it. The decorations were pretty basic. We had red, yellow, … Read more

Disney Princess Tea Party Decoration Ideas

For our decorations we put up a garden background which we purchased at Celebrate Express along with all of our paper supplies and a few other decorations. For our tea party we covered the table with a table cloth, runners, candleabras, and flower vases. We even had chair covers on all the chairs to make … Read more

Coolest 1st Birthday Sesame Street Party for Nikash

Coolest 1st Birthday Sesame Street Party for Nikash

1st birthdays are always exciting but a tough one to plan. Getting the adults and kids to enjoy is one thing, getting your one year old to smile through the party is another. I started planning for my boy’s 1st birthday 3 months before and boy oh boy, how rewarding it was, only my pictures … Read more

Jedi Skills Star Wars Activities

Once the guest came in there was a Jedi check in, which the child were issued a Jedi Robe and Light saber. If they didn’t come dressed as their favorite character, surprisingly most did come dressed up, even the adults. I copied and pasted the trial signs onto poster board and placed them around the … Read more

Coolest Mater’s Tall Tales 6th Birthday Party

Coolest Mater's Tall Tales 6th Birthday Party

My son loves pixar cars especially “Mater Tall Tales” and we decided to throw a special 6th Birthday Party. I found the perfect invitation at hallmark “mater the greater”. We personalized with my son’s picture and in the back the party information. For decorations I printed traffic signs and checkered flags. Also at the dollar … Read more

Coolest Toy Story Party for 3rd Birthday

Coolest Toy Story Party for 3rd Birthday

My son just turned 3 and we did a toy story party for him which was a huge hit. We did the following: Handmade Toy Story Invitations I hand made all the invitations. The front of the invitation was done like the upcoming Toy story 3 movie poster with it saying my husband and my … Read more

Coolest Princess 1st Birthday party

Coolest Princess 1st Birthday party

For my granddaughter’s 1st birthday I made a princess theme and thought out the party. I dressed her up with a different princess dresses. I also had 5 girls dress as the princesses. All the kids and even the adults loved the idea. I made her 5 pinatas – one for each princess to hold … Read more

Phineas and Ferb Games and Activities

The first thing we did for the party was separate the party-goers into groups of two. Each group was given the same supplies—at least one empty toilet paper roll, at least one empty egg carton, at least one shoe box and a roll of duct tape and a roll of masking tape. They were given … Read more

Homemade Sesame Street Theme Favors and Goodie Bags

The goodie bags were completely homemade. I bought Sesame Street lollipop molds and cookie cutters online. I made blue blueberry flavored Cookie Monster lollipops, green lime flavored Oscar lollipops, yellow lemon flavored Big Bird lollipops, orange colored and flavored Bert lollipops, and cherry flavored red Elmo lollipops. I also made dozens and dozens of Sesame … Read more

Coolest Cars 2 Grand Prix Birthday Party

Coolest Cars 2 Grand Prix Birthday Party

My son is one of the biggest Disney Cars fans. He wanted a Cars 2 party, before the movie was even out. So I had to find out as much as I could about Cars 2 from websites. I researched facts about each new car so that he could have a great time at his … Read more

Coolest Toy Story 5th Birthday Party

Coolest Toy Story 5th Birthday Party

Colby has loved Toy Story since the day he could walk and so when he asked for a Toy Story Party for his 5th birthday I wasn’t surprised. However, I was so pleased that Toy Story 3 was coming out in South Africa a month after his party so all the kids would be aware … Read more

Princess and the Frog Party Food Ideas

First, the FOOD. Of course, if you know Princess and the Frog, you know it is set in New Orleans. So, we had to make muffalettas (which are enormous, loaf sized cold cut sandwiches). To keep the kids happy, we made various tiny po?boys out of miniature buns. I made a ton of deep fried … Read more

Elmo/Sesame Street Games for 2yr old kids

We invited a Red Monster with the likeness of Elmo to join us at the party and games/activities * Pass the Cookie Jar – We had a clear jar with cookie monsters picture on it, and cookies inside and we passed it around to music. Upon stopping the music the child took out a cookie, … Read more

Coolest Cars Birthday Party Ideas and Photos

Coolest Cars Birthday Party Ideas and Photos

Cars birthday party ideas and photos by: Min from Brigham City, UT I created the invite for the Cars party from a picture I had on my computer and the simple art software I had. The party was in our backyard and for all our family so I had to make it fun for a … Read more

Toy Story Handmade Invitations

I hand made all the invitations. The front of the invitation was done like the upcoming Toy story 3 movie poster with it saying my husband and my name presents: “Rahee (my son’s name) Story 3. This had pics of all the toy story gang as well as my son dressed up as Buzz Lightyear. … Read more

Coolest Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party

Coolest Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party

After watching Kung Fu Panda 2, my daughter was very excited about having a KungFu Panda party. Keeping her happy and working within our very limited budget gave us a very homemade yet exciting party for her friends from school. It also gave us lots of fun “projects” for the week leading up to the … Read more

Kung Fu Panda Party Games and Activities

Painting: As guests arrived, we began painting rocks to look like the faces of the furious five. Viper and Tigress were way more popular than the panda and some kids did 2-3 rocks. It was a nice flexible activity as people arrived at bit different times. After their painting projects were set out to dry, … Read more

Sesame Street Favors – Homemade and Super Original

The favors were displayed on the table in the foyer, so they were a perfect decoration in and of themselves. For the favors: “Recycle*Reuse*Renew” That’s one of our mottos. For the favors, we did just that. My daughter and I took a big bucket of broken crayons (who doesn’t have broken crayons?!) and peeled them, … Read more

Donna’s Coolest Spongebob Birthday Party

Donna's Coolest Spongebob Birthday Party

This coolest Spongebob party was for my grandson who turned 3. We had a friend of the family become a clown who blew up balloon animals then later was Spongebob, he was the best! He had all the kids dancing! My shy grandson who now is 4 (and soon to be 5) is still talking … Read more

Maters Tall Tales Pinata and Mini Pinatas

The pinata was time consuming, messy but super fun. I started two months in advance, for a traditional pinata you can use a balloon to make a round shape, but this one was special, I used a big box. First I covered it with a big black plastic bag (to make it easy to take … Read more

Coolest Tinkerbell Neverland Birthday Party for a 4 Year Old Girl

Coolest Tinkerbell Neverland Birthday Party for a 4 Year Old Girl

I believe that a child’s birthday party should be something special and memorable so I always try to plan something great for my girls. Immediately after my daughter’s 3rd birthday party ended, Megan announced she wanted a Tinkerbell party for when she turned 4. Needless to say, I’ve had a lot of time to plan … Read more

Kung Fu Panda Face Pinata

To prepare, we made the pinata using a balloon covered in newspaper strips that had been dipped in a flour/water paste. After that dried, we popped the balloon and did another layer of newspaper in the paste. When that was dry, we used duct tape to attach a medium weight rope to the inside of … Read more