Coolest Luau Party Ideas

My sister and I gave my niece an Aloha Luau party. Check out our coolest Luau party ideas below! We sent out Tiki invitations for a six-hour Luau. My sister made many grass skirts with a variety of beautiful silk flowers around them. The entire carport and back yard was decorated with tiki torches and … Read more

Coolest Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas

Say “Aloha” to this great Hawaiian Luau party, always a fun-filled and colorful birthday blast!! First off, to set your cool luau scene, check out these great Luau theme party supply packs: Hula Party Supplies at Birthday in a Box Hula Honey Party Supplies at Shindigz Luau Party Supplies at Amazon   Hawaiian Luau Invitations … Read more

Coolest Birthday Party Game Ideas for a Luau Party

Here’s an awesome collection of Hawaiian Luau birthday party game ideas, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Hawaiian Luau party. Tropical Luau Relay Race For this Luau birthday party game this is what you’ll need: Two grass skirts, 2 pairs of Bermuda shorts, 2 pairs of sunglasses, 2 Hawaiian straw hats, 2 lei necklaces, 2 beach bags, 2 … Read more

Learn How to Make Volcano Eruptions!

This “Make Volcano” project is a great activity for kids, especially at a party such as the Dinosaur theme party or the Luau theme party. It involves making a volcano that, based on a reaction between baking soda and vinegar, spews out a bubbly flow of “lava”. The kids LOVE it! However, don’t expect the … Read more

Keiran’s Island Theme Birthday Party

Keiran's Island Theme Birthday Party

We created an Island Party theme for my daughter Keiran’s 5th birthday. First, when the kids arrived they made hibiscus flower hair clips from tissue paper. Here’s how you create them: cut the paper into squares about 4 inches x 4 inches, stack 10 or so pieces together, accordion fold the stack, wrap a pipe … Read more

Coolest Hawaiian 2nd Birthday Party

Hawaiian Birthday Party

My 3rd child was born in July and she just turned 2. I wanted to have a birthday party that would also be exciting for her 4 and 6 year old siblings. All of our guests were between the ages of 2-6 and they all had a great time. First, for the cake I used … Read more

Coolest Kid Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas and Photos

Coolest Kid Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas and Photos

Hawaiian Luau party ideas and photos by: Laura from Southhampton, NJ The Luau party was planned far in advance so we could make sure everything turned out without any last minute chaos. The Hawaiian Luau Party theme has always been one of Ashleys favorites, she wanted to be able to play pool games. Her party … Read more

Coolest Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas and Photos

Coolest Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas and Photos

Hawaiin Luau party ideas and photos by: Sandra from Preoria, IL My son wanted a Hawaiian Luau party for his 9th birthday. We made our Luau invitations on our computer. I found a photo of a volcano for the background and added some clip art around it. For the luau decorations I hung paper parrots … Read more

Coolest Hawaiian Party Ideas and Photos

Hawaiian Party Ideas

Hawaiian party ideas and photos by: Odena from South Hamilton, MA My daughter was turning three and I wanted to have a fun party atmosphere so I decided on a Hawaiian Party. We sent out invitations that I made on the computer. We put a picture of a Luau girl on the front. We had … Read more

Coolest Hawaiian Theme Party Ideas and Photos

Coolest Hawaiian Theme Party Ideas and Photos

Hawaiian theme party ideas and photos by: Sheryl from Evanston, WY For Shateal’s 13th birthday party we had a Hawaiian themed party. We hand made palm trees out of dowels then put freezer paper around three dowels then added brown paper in squares and taped them on to the freezer paper, cut out leaves of … Read more