Coolest Kid Party Ideas for a Pirate Theme Birthday

Coolest Kid Party Ideas for a Pirate Theme Birthday

Master Jack was turning four, I was thinking of a theme for his party. it was just after Christmas, so the shops had Christmas items on sale. I saw some gold coins and thought “Ahoy there me hearty!” 8) I can make a treasure chest. And we can have a pirate theme. It was easy … Read more

Coolest Pirate 1st Birthday Party Ideas and Photos

Coolest Pirate 1st Birthday Party Ideas and Photos

Pirate 1st birthday party ideas and photos by: Angelica from San Diego, CA About two months before Sebastian’s Pirate 1st Birthday Party, I bought a child penguin tail tuxedo for $3.00 at the Salvation Army thrift store, along with a bag of gold military buttons for 25 cents, gold color trim for 25 cents, white … Read more

Coolest Birthday Party Theme Ideas and Photos

Coolest Birthday Party Theme Ideas and Photos

Birthday party theme ideas and photos by: Margaret from Farmington Hills, MI For my son’s birthday, he wanted a Pirate party. There are a few good birthday party theme ideas for invitations; what I did was printed them on an almost yellowish type of paper (so it would look old…without having to soak in coffee … Read more

Treasure Chest and Pirate Party Decorations

For decorations I used many birthday party theme ideas I read about from this website. I found lots of pictures online from Pirates of the Caribbean , and other pirates and put them on our hallway walls and all around the house. I made a big treasure chest from an empty cardboard box and glued … Read more

Pirate Party Homemade Mural Decoration

I made a mural in our living room (one of the birthday party theme ideas I do every year, each time I change it according to the theme of the party). The mural was of a big pirate ship in the water going towards an island with a palm tree and a big black X … Read more

Pin the X on the Treasure Pirate Party Game

We then went back in the house and played “Pin the X on the Treasure”. I made a big treasure map similar to the one for the invitation. I made red X’s for each child with their name on it. Then we had a treasure hunt. Each child received a small swatch of wrapping paper. … Read more

Pirate Party Picture Frame and Water Balloon Target

My homemade creation that took the most time was the picture frame/water balloon target. I used a light wood board and hand-painted Jake and Issy with Skully (the parrot) and I painted a gold coin to have the hole done where the kids will put there faces to take their pictures and at the same … Read more

Pirate Treasure Map Invitation

The invitations were done with the treasure map background and the show’s characters in the front with few lines here and there of the show, like “YO, HO! LET’S GO!” and “AHOY MATEYS!”. I wanted to have a combined party for my 6 years old boy and my 4 years old daughter because their birthdays … Read more

Pirate Treasure Hunt Activity

I told neighbors and friends to save paper towel rolls for me so I can create telescopes to give to the kids for the treasure hunt game. I painted them black and cut cereal boxes cardboard and painted gold for the top and bottoms. I didn’t like the idea of a regular treasure hunt game … Read more

Scooby Doo Pirate Stealing Presents and Treasure Chest Activity

Once everyone was there, we had story time. I wrote a basic story, and the owner of the theater elaborated it on it and told it to the children. The story was basically about a beautiful little princess whom everyone loved. The little girl was going to celebrate her birthday, so everyone in the kingdom … Read more