Coolest Spy and Detective Birthday Party Themes

Here’s one of those birthday party themes you just can’t hide away from! It’s time to take the mystery out of party planning and head out for a Spy Detective birthday party! Detective Spy Birthday Supplies Spy Party Banners and Trinkets You’ll find many of the coolest ideas for a Spy Detective birthday party right … Read more

Coolest Spy Detective Games for Kids

Here’s an awesome collection of Spy Detective party games for kids, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Spy Detective theme party.  Mafia and Detectives Rules of the game: Everyone sits in a circle on the ground or in level chairs except for one person (everyone must be able to see everyone in the circle). The person … Read more

Coolest Birthday Idea and Photos

Coolest Birthday Idea and Photos

Birthday idea and photos by: Tabitha from Indianapolis, IN Our son couldn’t decide what type of party he would like for his 7th birthday, so we convinced him to let us surprise him with our birthday idea (we knew he would love). We chose a secret agent/spy party. He loves Spy Kids and Cody Banks, … Read more