Custom-Made Unicorn Candy Wrappers

I ordered these adorable, custom-made candy wrappers to give out. They were perfect for the party favors for my daughter’s unicorn themed birthday party.

Unicorn Birthday Party Snacks

We placed out Bugles (because they look like unicorn horns), maple cookies in the shape of leaves, apples slices and carrots (because I figured that’s what unicorns eat) and Jell-O unicorn horns (use the Jell-O jigglers and pour them into wax paper cones to set then add sprinkles and candy stars to the finished cones). … Read more

Cool Homemade Unicorn Plate

I took a pink paper plate glued a pink ear to the top a gold horn slightly in front of the ear and tied sparkly yarn through a number of holes punched along the side. It was VERY cute!

Beautifully Easy Unicorn Cake

The cake for the unicorn birthday was a 9×13 carved slightly to be in the shape of a horse head.┬áIn order to make the horn, I dipped an ice cream cone in white chocolate and sprinkled colored sugar over it.

Unicorn Pencil Topper Craft Activity

I set out pre-cut craft foam horse heads pipe-cleaners wound into little horns in a variety of colors wiggly eyes. Also, I pre-made bunches of sparkly yarn to act as the mane. All the children needed to do was glue it all together taking care not to glue the bottom shut as they placed two … Read more

Coolest Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

My daughter has grown fond of unicorns lately so it was a natural choice of theme for her 6th birthday party. She is terribly creative so she helped come up with many of the ideas we implemented at her unicorn birthday. It was a lot of fun to work together with her to create a … Read more

Coolest Unicorn Party Ideas

My daughter loves unicorns and castles and princesses so she came up with a Magical Castle Unicorn party theme herself! Luckily, I was able to find corresponding party plates and napkins online! I picked up the color from the napkins and decorated the dining room with pink, purple, yellow and turquoise streamers and balloons.I also … Read more

Coolest Girl Unicorn 4th Birthday Party

Coolest Girl Unicorn 4th Birthday Party

Kamaree, the birthday Princess, was really excited about the Fairy from the Unicorn Meadow coming to her party. Some of the children dressed up in princess and fairy costumes in anticipation. The outdoor unicorn moonwalk party was canceled because of inclement weather. We decorated in-doors with an all-inclusive unicorn themed party package order from a … Read more